Cosmetics Packaging Material Lipstick Tube


Cosmetics packaging material lipstick tube

Introduction of lipstick:

Lipstick is not only cosmetics, it can bring more convenient beauty effect and confidence to female consumers.Accordingly, lipstick product holds dominant position from beginning to end in field of cosmetic colour makeup, enduring popularity.Lipstick also is called lipgloss, it is to point apply at labial ministry, make its have gorgeous colour and the product that moisten effect to the lip.

Popular lipsticks fall into three categories: primary, color-changing, and colorless (also known as lip balms).Based on the difference in formula, the original lipstick can be divided into powder lipstick, persistent lipstick, glossy lipstick.

According to the shape of lipstick (mainly refers to the diameter of lipstick meat) and can be divided into pen lipstick, lipstick pen, general lipstick, thin tube lipstick, MINI lipstick.


characteristics of packaging materials of lipstick tubes:

In order to match the product characteristics of different lipsticks, the packaging materials of lipstick tubes can be divided into the following categories:

  1. According to the characteristics and functional requirements of lipsticks, there are multi-head lipsticks, air-tight lipsticks, etc.
  2. According to the matching lipstick size, there are pen lipstick, lipstick pencil, general lipstick, tube lipstick and MINI lipstick.
  3. According to the characteristics and functional requirements of lipsticks, there are multi-head lipsticks, air-tight lipsticks, etc.
  4. Multi-head lipstick tube packaging, usually a structure product of pearl screw, ingeniously uses the main part of the lipstick to extend into a double-bottom interconnection structure.
  5. Air-tight lipstick is generally to meet the persistent lipstick products, the formula is easy to volatile substances, and in the lipstick tube cover and in the middle of the bundle designed a sealed air-tight ring, has achieved the purpose of locking content, to avoid volatilize.


Lipstick tube packing material and process:

Lipstick tube surface decoration, the common use of electroplating, bronzing, printing, water transfer printing and other surface technology to achieve the metal effect, shiny gloss and a variety of graphics and text effects.

In addition to the conventional use of plastic lipstick tube packaging material, for the main part of high-grade products can also be used all aluminum components, aluminum products are mostly used in the oxidation electroplating process.

The advantage of aluminum products is that they have a luxurious appearance and texture. However, due to the technical limitations in the process of stretching and cutting aluminum products, special attention should be paid to the potential safety risks that the sharp edges may bring to consumers.