The difference between lipstick and lip gloss From CNBEAUTYPACKAGING
Whether it’s the trendiest T-stage or the street, you can find lipsticks and lip glosses. Their crystal clear luster has become a beautiful scene in the MM’s lip makeup. So what are the specific differences between lipstick and lip gloss? How should they be used correctly? The MMs who still have doubts about lipstick and lip gloss hu...
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How to use powder from MEIYUN
Powder is also called set makeup powder, which is used to set the end of makeup. MM people may like to use powder brush to gently turn a circle in the T area, which is quite lovely. When setting makeup with loose powder, remember to put it on your face gently, and remember not to put on too much, otherwise the makeup on your face will become sti...
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The quality in my hands, the customer in our hearts
When we get an order from our customer,our purchaser will go to the factory to inspect all raw materials first, to ensure our product without defect, we also want to ensure that each samples or products  surface are clean when reached our customers’ hands. So every sales will personally took back every sample from the factory to be examined, doi...
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Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day, a traditional Western festival, is a festival unique to the American people and a festival of American family gatherings. There is no fixed date for Thanksgiving at the beginning, and it is temporarily decided by the states of the United States. Until 1863, when the United States became independent, President Lincoln announced ...
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Foaming net
Bubble net is a kind of daily personal care appliance used for washing face. Can help cleanser products (including: facial cleanser, facial soap, facial cleanser, transparent soap, handmade soap, facial cleanser, beauty soap, facial cleanser and so on) quickly rub out rich and delicate foam like cotton, and then wash your face with foam, which c...
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glass bottle
Glass bottles are mainly used in cosmetics: skin care products (creams, lotions), perfumes, essential oils, and nail polishes have a small capacity, and more than 200ml capacity is rarely used in cosmetics. The glass bottle is divided into a wide-mouth bottle and a narrow-mouth bottle. The solid paste is generally a wide-mouth bottle. It should ...
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Double 11 Shopping Festival 2019
When Alibaba group was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in September, its market value exceeded $200 billion, surpassing Wal Mart and PetroChina. This makes this year’s double 11 more meaningful: as the first double 11 after Alibaba’s listing, this year’s trading data will be displayed in front of global investors and the ...
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