PCR material is a double-edged sword


Recycling is also a double-edged sword
, proper use can achieve the goal of reducing costs, but repeated use will result in the decline of electrical and flame retardancy, heavy metal content, and repeated addition of plasticizers, production use will produce carcinogenic substances, long-term harm to the health of producers and users, so for the recycle can not be used should be handled in time, so as not to cause unnecessary hidden dangers. Returns are generally generated by the recovery and reuse of chemical products. Through a certain processing method, various corresponding products are produced. The properties of returns are different according to the product requirements, so you can make different products out of recycled materials, because of the world’s resources. As more and more customers use recycled materials, plastic product manufacturers are more and more interested in using recycled materials.

1.with the new material to get plastic products first look at the color, the new material color bright, fresh, bright, translucent barrel shape.

2.made with recycled (1) dark color, good transparency, a lot of black spots;
(2) bright color, opaque (plus a lot of titanium dioxide) , there are a small number of black spots on the surface.
New Material to do the color is generally light, bright, do the color of the general return material is deep, thick.