Recycling of glass bottles


Recycling of glass bottles

Glass Bottle Recycling:

The recycling volume of glass bottles is increasing every year, but the amount of recycling is huge and immeasurable. The raised element of the lipstick tube prevents the cover from contacting the lipstick, even if the lipstick is not retracted into the base. The user can rotate the raised element to retract the lipstick support and the lipstick into the base. Therefore, according to the present invention, a lipstick tube is provided. The lipstick tube includes a hollow cylindrical base; a lipstick support frame arranged in the base; and the length is longer than that between the top of the lipstick in the lipstick support frame and the top of the raised element The distance is long to cover the cover of the lipstick support frame; and the raised element fixed on the lipstick support frame and moved relative to the base together with the lipstick support frame, the raised element protruding radially from the support frame for contact with the cover The closed position is engaged.

Advantage of recycling:

The recycling of glass bottles saves energy, minimizes the waste capacity of the landfill, and can provide more raw materials for other products, including glass bottles of course. According to the National Consumer Plastic (Structure: Synthetic Resin, Plasticize, Stabilizer, Pigment) Bottle Report of the US Chemical Products Council, approximately 2.5 billion pounds of plastic bottles were recycled in 2009, with a recycling rate of only 28%.

The Glass Packaging Association:

Recycling the energy saved by a glass bottle can make a 100-watt light bulb light up for about 4 hours, run a computer for 30 minutes, and watch 20 minutes of TV programs, so the glass is recycled. It is a matter of great significance.