What is a complete set of cosmetics and makeup tools?


1. Tools and products that should be prepared for skin care series: lotion toner, eye cream (23 years old is suitable for the basic eye cream to buy expression lines), moisturizing lotion or cream (according to personal skin choice), whitening lotion or cream ( If you don’t need whitening, you can omit it, cream, liquid foundation, powder or loose powder.
Remarks: It is best to choose the same brand, and evenly spread the face and neck evenly. The next step is the makeup step.
2, the tools needed for makeup are: set of sweeping (eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, blush brush, etc.), need to prepare for the light makeup: eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder (brown is more suitable), white high-gloss eyeshadow (played at the brow bone and nose for brightening), eye shadow (color is personally like to buy, warm color is not suitable for single eyelid girls such as pink, recommend popular light gray, gold and other metallic colors), eyeliner eyeliner Liquid (eyeliner is more natural, novices recommend buying eyeliner), mascara, eyelash curler, lip gloss choice with small pearlescent lip jelly (recommended to choose pink or orange), blush (black skin, buy orange, not black to buy Pink, daily makeup try not to buy pearly blush).
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First trim the eyebrows, then clean the skin and then apply makeup. Apply the skin care products to the base in the order, then draw eyebrows, use white high-gloss eye shadow on the brow bones to brighten the eyebrows, draw the eyeliner, then draw the eye shadow, the color of the double eyelids can be heavier, slowly smudge open The lighter the eyebrows should be, the lighter the eye shadow should not be more than one-half of the eye and the eyebrows. Then use the eyelash curler to apply the mascara to the mascara more than 2 times, blushing. Smile first and then hit the laughing muscles, apply lip gloss, and the makeup of the light makeup is over.

Women must understand the knowledge of cosmetics, will not look at makeup!

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Many sisters think that the shelf life of skin care products is 3 to 5 years. However, in fact, it only refers to the shelf life before unopening. After long-term contact with air after opening, the lifespan of these products will be greatly shortened and the length will be different.
Shelf life
Preservation period after skin care products are opened
Most skin care products should be used up within 1 year after opening, but it should be noted that if you use them directly from the bottle, the shelf life will be shorter. In addition, some natural skin care products need to be refrigerated and stored, and the “life” after unsealing is also shortened to 3-6 months.
Fresh-keeping period after the cosmetics are opened

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Please use these products with caution in the following situations~
1. There are oil slicks on nail polish, liquid foundation, scrub, cream or sunscreen. These floating oil layers are an expression of oxidation and are best discarded because they cause allergies.
2, liquid beauty products, perfumes, creams, gels, etc. have cast a layer of color. This is also a relationship of oxidation and is not recommended for continued use, especially for products containing active ingredients (such as anti-aging or anti-acne products). Fading means that those ingredients have lost their effect.
3. Perfume, gel, night cream or sunscreen give off strange taste. Once they change their taste, they are irreversible changes. This may be the failure of preservatives, bacteria can breed, and even cause fermentation sensitization.

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Avoid using fingers directly to use cosmetics
Cosmetics are very delicate things. If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, it will cause chemical reactions and cause cosmetic deterioration.
People’s faces and hands, that is, washing with soap many times, it is also difficult to eliminate bacteria, and directly use the fingers to hook up the cosmetics, whether it is emulsion or facial fat, will bring bacteria into the cosmetics. Therefore, it is advisable to pick it out with a bamboo stick when using it. Once the cosmetics are in the hands, never return them to the bottle, especially the liquid cosmetics. The bottle mouth should not touch the unclean objects. Wipe the container mouth clean after use.
Avoid excessive use of cosmetics
Excessive use of cosmetics will affect the skin’s breathing and excretion functions, especially excessive rubbing of powdery, creamy cosmetics, easy to block sebaceous glands and pores, reduce skin metabolism and absorption, and even induce pigmentation. Most cosmetics contain synthetic additives such as preservatives, flavors, and pigments. Excessive use of unfavorable skin protection. Some cosmetic pigments contain excessive amounts of heavy metals such as lead, chromium, and copper. They can be used for long-term over-application and can cause chronic poisoning through absorption through the skin.

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Avoid superstition imported cosmetics
Some people are superstitious about imported cosmetics and think that the quality of cosmetics produced in Western countries is good. It is important to know that before the cosmetics are put on the market, it is necessary to undergo animal tests and human skin tests to confirm that they are safe and reliable before they can be produced and sold. Cosmetics in Western countries are tested on Caucasians and are suitable for Caucasian skin. The skin of the Orientals and the Westerners is different. In contrast, the skin of the Orientals is allergic to certain cosmetics, so imported cosmetics cannot be used indiscriminately.