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Eyelash knowledge about eyelash glue what you don’t know!

Beauticians should know that the durability of grafted eyelashes depends on glue, technology and maintenance. If grafting eyelashes is a ship, then eyelash glue is every bolt in the ship, which controls the stability of eyelashes.

As a mascara

Want to complete a perfect work

In addition to the handy tweezers,

In addition to high quality eyelashes

Eyelash glue,

It is also an indispensable part

We all know it’s a necessity

I’m used to this glue


Do you really know your glue?

The glue is the same as your tweezers

It also needs to be protected.


Let heramila take you to have a look

What care does glue need.

First, let’s see what influences the performance of glue

Temperature & humidity

Please do this before grafting:

  1. prepare a sensitive hygrometer
  2. Confirm that the temperature is between 25 ° C and 28 ° C

III. confirm that the humidity is between 50% – 65%

  1. do not go to the air outlet of the air conditioner

when in use

The best condition is to keep the room temperature at 18-25 ° C. if the temperature is too high, it will reduce the quality of eyelash glue and affect the viscosity; if the temperature is too low, it will also affect the quality of eyelash glue. It is the best condition to keep the indoor humidity at 55%, and the acceptable range is between 50-65%. When the humidity reaches 65% or above, the hardening speed of eyelash glue will be accelerated, the strength and toughness will also be reduced, which will be much more fragile than that under normal conditions; otherwise, the hardening speed of eyelash glue will be slowed down because the humidity is too low because there is not enough moisture to help. Before use, there is a very important step, which is a wake-up process. We all know that the eyelash glue needs to be shaken before use, but there is also a standard for shaking. Shake it for more than 30 times, and the conflicting glue is liquid pure black. After squeezing out the black glue, tilt the bottle body to 45 ° angle, and squeeze out the air in the bottle. Do not leave the residual glue at the bottle mouth, so as to ensure that it is not squeezed The black glue left at the mouth of the bottle is extruded together with the air, and then wiped off with the tissue paper.

Unused time

When not in use, it is recommended to place the eyelash glue in a cool place where the sunlight cannot be directed directly. If the temperature is too high, place the eyelash glue in a special refrigerator for beauty (the temperature of the refrigerator is recommended to be lower than 12 ° C) after it is completely sealed. However, it is necessary to remove the ice completely before use, return to the normal temperature state, and then use it again. After use, it is necessary to completely seal it to avoid the water vapor infiltrating into the black glue, which will affect the quality of the black glue instead.

Low temperature area

It is suggested to store the product in a moistureproof bag after it is completely sealed, so as to stabilize the quality of eyelash glue. Because every time you switch on and off the eyelash glue, it will make the eyelash glue composition contact with the air, so keeping the bottle cap closed is also one of the important steps to save the eyelash glue, and it is suggested that the black glue after opening should be used within 30 days to achieve the best use effect.
Glue erroneous zone

  1. Do not divide the eyelash glue into other smaller or larger containers, because the original eyelash glue has been professionally proportioned, and it is easy to cause wrong proportioning during the repacking process, which will affect the quality of black glue.
  2. Do not turn the eyelash glue upside down and cut it crosswise. Improper placement will also make the eyelash glue easily block the bottle mouth or flow out of the bottle body.
  3. Do not leave residual glue at the mouth of the eyelash glue bottle, because residual glue will make the eyelash glue in the bottle difficult to pour out and damage the mouth of the bottle.
  4. When you take it out of the refrigerator for use, remember to return to normal temperature. Otherwise, the water molecules produced in the process of de icing are easy to make the eyelash glue quickly deteriorate.


The stability of the quality of eyelash glue will directly affect the grafting effect, so it is also the most important part of the eyelash beautician to take care of.

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