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MM people have wood, I feel that sometimes the time spent on makeup is too much. After more than half an hour, I still can’t be satisfied? Or see that some of the mm is beautiful and bright, and you will not go away at all. Ok, today I will come to the simple makeup step, the basic steps of makeup, let all mm learn to use the shortest time to make the most perfect makeup.
First, let’s take a look at the basic steps of makeup in portrait orientation:
1. Cleansing: Thoroughly cleanse the skin with an effective cleaning product.
2. Skin Care: Apply skin care products that improve and protect the skin, including firming or toner, face cream, and eye cream.
3. Eyebrow shaping: After painting, use eyebrows and eyebrows to trim.
4. Foundation: Good make-up should use several colors of foundation to give the face a three-dimensional effect, showing the difference between light and dark.
5. Eye shadow: The order of eye shadows is from bottom to top, from light to dark.
6. Eyeliner: The order in which the eyes are drawn is the eye shadow, the eye line, the nose, and the eyelashes.
7. Tu Yuhong: At the same time, you should pay attention to the other parts of the face, such as the forehead and lower jaw.
8. Apply lip gloss: first draw with a lip liner, then lip balm, lip gloss.
Let’s take a closer look at the basic steps of the above makeup:
1. Cleansing and skin care
Cleansing is not a smear, but it is necessary to slowly bring aging keratin and dissolve dirt through massage. If the washing is very casual, the cleansing products have not played a role, and the face is basically washed white. You should be patient and whispering, and wash it off with water for a while. It should be noted that all cleansing products must be thoroughly rinsed with water, no residue, otherwise it will cause damage to the skin. After cleaning the face, some skin care work should be done. Generally, before applying makeup, we will apply toner to the face, so that the face that has just been washed is not so tight. It is both skin care and easy to apply. Of course, you can choose cream, but it must be suitable. Your own skin.
Pre-makeup is a very important step. For beginners, the makeup before the make-up can make the entire face of the makeup look very clear and there will be no unnatural feeling.

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2. Eyebrows
The eyebrows should first draw the desired eyebrow outline and then trim it so that you can avoid accidents. The following are specific eyebrow steps:
Step1: Combing eyebrows and restore eyebrows
Before eyebrow shaping, first use the eyebrow comb to sort out the shape of the eyebrow itself. The eyebrows are slanted upwards, the eyebrows are parallel, and the eyebrows are inclined downward. When combing, the eyebrows are combed smoothly according to the growth order.
Step2: Measure the fixed point and adjust the eyebrow shape
To fix the eyebrows, just determine the position of the brow, eyebrows, and eyebrows. The brow is outside the arc of the eye, the eyebrow is the outer side of the black eyeball, and the eyebrow tail cannot be shorter than the outer eye corner extension. It can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the individual eyebrows, and then the three points are marked with the eyebrow pencil. If the eyebrows are too far outside, you can adjust them to make the face narrower; the angle between the eyebrows and the eyebrows is too large, and the eyebrows are lowered to make the eyebrows look flat.

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Step3: Combine, pull, and shear to completely remove the hair
The eyebrows should not be trimmed too thin, otherwise it would be really “mother”. When repairing the eyebrows, use the eyebrow knives to remove the hairs on the eyebrows and eyelids, and keep the main part of the eyebrows, leaving a large room for repairing; if the eyebrows are too long, they should be subtracted with a pair of scissors. The hard texture of the wall is cut across the board; finally, the eyebrows that affect the eyebrows are treated with eyebrows, and the same way is used.
Step4: Fill the gap, quickly set
Use your eyebrow brush to remove the eyebrow powder, and use the beveled surface of the brush to close the eyebrows. Slowly fill the gap from the eyebrows to the sides, slowly fill the gaps and deepen the eyebrows. In order to make the eyebrows more durable, you can use the eyebrow cream and fixed type.

3. Foundation: The most important step in the basic steps of makeup, the foundation is crucial for the formation of a makeup, a good foundation, the feeling of the whole person will be different. The makeup method of the foundation is also very particular. First of all, before the foundation, it is best to apply a layer of cream. The main function of the cream is toning. Everyone will find that the cream has different colors. The cream of different colors is also for different colors of skin, purple to yellow skin. , green to reddish skin, orange to dark circles. Use a barrier cream to make your skin tone more even and brighten your skin tone. Secondly, the choice of foundation is very important, mm people want to use the foundation to achieve the effect of instant whitening, but if you choose the foundation and the skin color of your skin is too different, it will have a very strange feeling, especially the neck and skin color Form a sharp contrast, so try to choose a foundation that is close to your skin tone.
The best makeup item is the hand. The temperature of the hand is similar to the temperature of the skin on our face. Using your own palm makeup is beneficial to the fusion of the foundation and the skin of the face, making the foundation more docile.

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It is more natural to apply makeup along the contours of the face and apply it from the inside out.
For some small key parts with uneven skin tone, you can use a pen to apply makeup.
Finally, you need to sweep a layer of loose powder to make the makeup less easy to fall off. Especially in the summer, loose powder makeup is more important, otherwise first-class sweat…
4. Eye shadow and eyeliner The traditional way of drawing is to apply eye shadow on the eyeliner, but now there are many mm like to apply eye shadow first, then use eyeliner to enhance.
The eye line should be along the root of the eyelashes. According to your own eye shape, you can see what you want. The picture below is a kind of eyeliner that never fails. It is suitable for all kinds of eye shapes, so it is suitable for new learning mm. Eye shadow can be from the root of the eyelashes to the gradient of the eyelids from deep to light, it will be more natural and not vulgar, and it will be lighter when you go to work. Mascara in the summer with waterproof oil, it is not easy to drop makeup, want to be thick and long, you must brush once and then brush again for a second time, so how many times to brush it.

Step1: The eye shadow should be covered with eye sockets, the upper eyelids should be painted with eyeshadow, and the eyes will be smudged to form a natural gradient.
Step2: Apply a lighter eye shadow along the trailing edge of the upper eye, naturally smudge upwards and lengthen the tail of the eye.
Top eye shadow key: The simplest method of eye shadow is from shallow to deep, layer by layer, but note that the range of each layer is gradually reduced, such as the light color of the bottom to cover the entire eye socket, the final dark eye shadow Only at the root of the eye, this will have a gradual effect.
5. Blush
If you mistake the blush position, it will make your face look bad. Feeling it is difficult to find the correct position of the MM, it is an exaggerated smile, the rounded part of the cheeks on both sides is the position of blushing, also known as apple muscle (B position). However, before using the blush brush, you should bounce off the excess powder on the blush brush to avoid the color being too red and unnatural after applying makeup.
Use a blush brush to sweep diagonally, and it’s faint. This is also a kind of drawing.

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6. Lips
With lip gloss on the line (working during the day), lipstick will look too bright. However, many MM do not know, summer lips are also very easy to sunburn, so the summer’s lips also need to wipe special sunscreen drops ~
Have you learned the simple makeup steps above? Every basic step of makeup is easy to learn. JMS is coming to practice it. It’s beautiful, it’s a good mood~~~

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Ipsa self-discipline circulation moisturizing lotion

number 1
It inhibits excess sebum, moisturizes cutin, inhibits skin stickiness and acne caused by excess sebum or oxidation, and is smooth and transparent at all times.
number 2
Moisturizes the skin’s horns, improves skin dryness, and adult acne. Make skin water and oil balance.
number 3
It inhibits excess sebum, moisturizes the cornea, replenishes skin moisture, and leaves skin hydrated and lustrous.
No 4
It moisturizes the corner layer to replenish the skin’s insufficient moisture and oil, and the skin is soft and lustrous.
Shiseido Washing Facial Cleanser

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Adding silk ingredients and moisturizing beauty liquid on the basis of the original, dense bubbles will make the dirty things hidden in the pores clean, and moisturize the skin, so that the washed skin is not dry, and always maintain the state of water. It also differs in the packaging and the color is light blue.
Shiseido Perfect Whip Facial Cleanser has a rich lather and feels slippery after washing. It also contains natural plant firming ingredients to cleanse the skin while moisturizing the skin, leaving the skin smooth and elastic! This cleansing product is suitable for all skin types. It is soap-free and mild and never irritating. The smooth paste thoroughly cleans the residual dirt, leaving the skin smooth, avoiding pore blockage and preventing acne.
● Rich foam, it feels smooth and not tight after washing.
● Contains natural plant firming ingredients to cleanse the skin while moisturizing, leaving skin smooth and elastic!
● Fungus extract can rebuild the skin’s messy sebum film. The delicate round particles give gentle contact to the skin, soften the cuticle of the epidermis, effectively remove these keratinocytes, and contain mild softness factors to make the skin Become soft and delicate.
● Increase skin transparency, quickly replenish moisture and firming effect, maintain skin’s moisturizing film, make skin supple and clean.
Snow muscle BB cream

It can not only care for the skin, but also naturally cover the dark spots. A whitening BB cream that leaves skin white and long-lasting.
● With just one bottle, you can easily complete a natural and beautiful look.
● “Beauty Liquid”, “Lotion”, “Nutrition Cream”, “Sunscreen”, “Basic Milk” and “Foundation”.
● Lightweight texture and comfortable extended touch, which can cover the pores and uneven skin, making the skin smooth and delicate.
● Add herbal extracts to give skin a moisturizing and moisturizing treatment to prevent dull skin caused by dryness.
● With UV isolation, it can protect against skin damage caused by UV rays and prevent dark spots and freckles caused by sun exposure.
RMK Rose Cleansing Cream

The penetration rate is high and the evaluation is generally good. The pale pink paste, the germination instantly surges, and then the soft rose scent, which woman does not love. Although the paste was a bit hard at first, it was dug down and reached the skin. It melted quickly, soft and moist, and became transparent, oozing out oil and slippery. Slowly changing the image is the same as using a cleansing oil. The makeup remover is super strong, basically what kind of makeup can be unloaded cleanly. It can be said that it is a more stress-relieving makeup remover, which can complete the basic work well. It is mild and can be used every day. The makeup remover is recommended to be gradually emulsified with water.
A cleansing cream that can be removed at one time without wiping.
When the solid condensation cream is pushed open, it turns into a new touch of liquid oil.
The unique smooth oil can gently massage and clean at the same time, leaving the skin moist and smooth, giving off a gentle rose fragrance, and removing makeup while relaxing.
HABA without added squalane pure beauty oil

It is the first place in the COSME Awards. It is said that two bottles will be sold every second in Japan, which shows how easy it is. The main component of this bottle of oil is 99.9% squalene extract, which has many physiological functions such as improving superoxide dismutase activity, enhancing immunity, improving sexual function, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and anti-tumor. It is non-toxic. And marine biological active substances with anti-disease and therapeutic effects.
Simply speaking, squalene is the skin’s own element, the same as the sebum, so it is as comfortable as the oil itself, natural and safe, and all types of skin can basically be accepted. In addition, it has several effects:
● It can help the skin to establish a natural protective barrier, which can lock the moisture of the skin and protect against the dry, cold and harmful substances, so that the skin maintains a good moisturization.
● It can regulate skin cell metabolism, promote skin renewal, repair skin damage, improve dull, rough and uneven skin, and make skin smooth and even.
● It has anti-oxidation effect, can remove free radicals that cause skin aging, and the skin’s relaxation, wrinkles and other phenomena will be effectively suppressed, leaving skin young and energetic.
City Doctor VC100 Zero Pore Permeation Essence

Xinyi adds 200% high-soaked vitamin C-inducing body “APPS”, and super-instantaneous penetration restores young zero-porosity translucent muscle! The addition of plant extracts with anti-acidification and inhibition of sputum pigmentation and the addition of acid acid inducers doubled to increase the penetration.
The effect of APPS is also recognized in cosmetic dermatology and is widely used in the treatment of pore care.
1 promote skin regeneration
2 protect collagen
3 rectification of metabolic cycle
4 The effect of becoming a source of skin energy is still insufficient. It is necessary to make these points function properly to solve the problem of large pores caused by relaxation.
◆Recommended object: Is there any pores and loose troubles? Is there a skin spot? Awkward troubles? Wrinkles? Relaxation troubles? Preference for refreshing use
Orbin Health Water

Japan ALBION (Ourbin) healthy water – Japan’s COSME list lotion department many times NO.1.
Containing the essence of coix seed, horse chestnut extract and a variety of precious botanical ingredients, a small bottle blends the essence of the world, bringing the perfect care to the skin: whitening, deep moisturizing, pores, anti-inflammatory, Calms, regulates skin metabolism, promotes blood circulation and absorption of nutrients, reduces the formation of fine lines, and activates cells.
●Whitening skin: It is a high-performance whitening ingredient based on the ancient Chinese herbal medicine, which refreshes the vitality of the skin from a deeper level. It has the excellent effect of whitening, calming and nourishing, and improves the skin’s ability to retain water for a long time.
● Activated cells: regulate the normalization of skin metabolism, improve the ability of tissue renewal, and have obvious improvement on skin problems such as rough skin, excessive oil secretion, dullness, and lack of transparency. At the same time, it can also regulate the sensitive state of fragile skin and improve the self-defense of the skin. After the precise conditioning of healthy water, the skin is not oily in summer, not dry in winter, and all the troubles such as sensitive redness, itching and peeling disappear.
● Convergence pores: The essence of witch hazel is aimed at large pores, rash and granular skin. It has the effect of adjusting the muscle lines, soothing the redness caused by dryness and allergies. For skin with enlarged pores, congestion or fragility, health Water is the best choice.