OEM Beauty Packaging Materical



There are many introductions on the internet about cosmetics packaging materials. I will not say more. I will write an understanding of packaging from the perspective of brand design and planning.
The situation abroad is not discussed. Domestic consumers’ habits and cosmetic packaging are crucial to the embodiment of cosmetic value. Cosmetic packaging containers with different shapes are one of the main factors that attract consumers to buy commodities, A large number of brand advertisements are also outsourcing products for display. The first thing that consumers pay attention to when buying cosmetics online is the outer packaging. In modern cosmetics production, many high-end cosmetics have invested up to 70% percent of the total cost of the whole product, and famous products are also at a high cost in order to reflect the value.
I will briefly introduce the packaging. The following article is easy to understand.
Equation: finished cosmetics = outer packaging + inner container liquid, milky cosmetics, and cream packaging Lin Liang is full of eyes, with the largest types and quantities of packaging, and a wide range of new packaging, mainly including plastic bottles of various shapes and specifications, composite film bags of plastic bags, glass bottles of various shapes and specifications, including wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles, are generally used for higher-grade cosmetics or volatile, permeable, the packaging of cosmetics containing an organic solvents, such as hair dye water, perfume, toner, and another packaging, these are inner containers, outer packaging forms are also many, color printing and another craft carton, plastic box.