The trend of perfume packaging FROM MEIYUN


Judging from the history of perfume container, people have been exploring the use of a variety of materials to make perfume container. Glass had always been an expensive material, until the 16th century, Venetian craftsmen learned to blow glass, glass can be made into a variety of shapes, opalescent glass, gold and silver glass filaments also developed, perfume containers become more and more beautiful. With the increase of glass hardness, glass can be cut, carved, painted, inlaid, so that glass containers more than a variety of traditional forms. The French learned these glass-making techniques and made many venetian-style perfume bottles. With the advent of the industrial revolution, the industrial production of glass bottles out of the mass production, lower prices, resulting in many famous perfume manufacturers For example, the Guyler brothers GelleFr res, Guerlain, Rubim, Joan Miró Millot, Rigaud, Roger, and Gallet, Eder, pinaud. T. PIVER, French designers are good at using a variety of materials, dare to use new materials, new technologies, new forms to design perfume packaging. For example, Lancôme’s bottle, vials, glass, transparent, smooth, shiny, is a quiet feminine object, symbolizing a woman’s breasts, with a very strong closure system, made entirely of pure geometric lines, made of polyethylene Completely compressed, perfectly integrating horizontal and vertical lines. Its LID has three parts, pure gold, to match the color of perfume, material is very strong, not easy to be cut, and the whole lid is very light and not easy to break. Combining glass and plastic, the fragrance is meant to adapt to the latest technology, reduce energy consumption, protect the environment, and use recyclable and lightweight materials. The name is printed in blue, the same color used on the inside of the box, and the letters are not in a horizontal line, crisscrossing and undulating, creating a calligraphic effect reminiscent of Charles Édouard Guillaume.