Roller bottle


roller bottle


Roller bottle, also known as roll on bottle, is a relatively common packaging bottle, Common roller bottles are made of plastic and glass and are widely used by people.

Roller bottles usually do not have a large capacity. They are installed on the head so that people can apply them evenly and prevent the liquid from missing. Besides, they also have a massage effect.

Roller bottle is commonly used in the packaging of cosmetic eye creams, lipsticks, deodorants, face creams, essential oil, medicines, antipyretic gel and children products. There are usually three kinds of ball bearings on the head of the ball bearings, such as plastic ball bearings, steel ball bearings and glass ball bearings.

Cosmetics are the most common use of roll on bottles. Using roller bottle can be applied more evenly than sprays, and the skin will feel cooler after the beads have rolled. And in the use of some specific positions, the beaded product appears more professional.


Pharmaceutical packaging is another important application field of beaded bottles. As the carrier of the antipyretic gel, the roll on bottle can evenly apply the gel on the skin that needs to dissipate heat. Meanwhile, the cool feeling is more conducive to dissipate heat. It avoids the irritation and discomfort caused by traditional physical heat dissipation and improves the non-uniformity of manual application



Capacity:1ml 2ml 2.5ml 3ml 5ml 10ml

Material:Glass (with plastic/steel/glass ball bearings)

Color:can be customized

Surface Treatment:Electroplating, color spraying, silk screen printing, gilding, silver stamping, frosted