bottom refillable aluminum bottle


An elegant girl asks for fragrance wherever she smells it! An amazing portable perfume bottle with a filling bottom allows you to put your favorite perfume into the perfect travel bottle anytime and anywhere without having to carry the main bottle.

Portable and refillable perfume bottle, delicate, portable, refillable, strong and durable! Apply to all perfume bottles of large filling valve structure, no leakage, no volatilization, a drop does not waste beloved perfume. Atomization effect is very good, full of one time, can be used more than 65 times, but also can pass the security check on the plane, at any time to fill incense, since bought it is my heart!


Easy to refill portable travel spray perfume bottle

Just press the bottom of your favorite

It is very easy to use and can be refilled in seconds.

Press and fill liquid, super convenient

  1. Unplug the presser of the spray product and unplug the spray head
  2. Aim at the plastic mouth at the bottom of the perfume bottle.
  3. Repeatedly press downward to determine the desired amount of filling through the visible window of the bottle.

It’s great for storing some of your favorite perfume/aftershave/makeup remover in smaller containers rather than carrying a whole bottle with you on vacation.

bottom refillable aluminum bottle