Keep your skin away from injury



Let the skin stay away from harm, do it yourself, check the bottle, can, and share the expert’s simple makeup and skin care test method.
Nowadays, many skin care additives are plagued by people for a long time. I want to know if my skin care products and skin care products are safe. Experts, small editors teach you to test your own bottles and cans at home.
Through the simple test method provided by the experts, you can let the DIY test the characteristics of the cosmetic products at home:
Test 1 Is the lotion moisturizing enough? Test paper
I want to know that the lotion that I often use is not gentle enough to stimulate the skin. Chen Yaokuan provides the easiest way to measure its pH value. Remember the acid-base test paper used in chemistry class when I was a child?妳 can be easily obtained, it not only measures the pH, but also the pH value.
Drop some lotion on the test paper. If the pH is less than 7, the test paper is red and acidic; more than 7 and blue is alkaline. If it is measured close to pH 7 neutral or close to the skin pH value of pH 5.5, it means that the lotion is very mild and does not irritate the skin. However, if the lotion wants to have astringent or exfoliating function, pH 4 to 5 is optimal.

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Test 2 Essence is rubbed and protected? Take a cotton pad and look at it!
How much does the skin absorb in the essence of a large amount of silver? If the penetration of the essence is not good, it may be half-baked, half-battered and half the effort. Chen Yaokuan suggested that the essence can be dripped on a stack of paper or cotton pad to observe the penetration, the easier it is to penetrate downwards, indicating that the molecules are small and the penetrating power is easy to be absorbed by the skin. If it is only diffused on the surface, it means that the penetration is poor and it is not well absorbed.
Is Test 3 emulsion good to absorb? A cup of water can really know
Chen Yaokuan said that the emulsion or cream is good for absorption and emulsification manufacturing technology. Simply put, it can be divided into two types: oil-in-water or water-in-oil. The oil-in-water type is easy to be absorbed and refreshed. The type is more greasy and not absorbed. The test method is very simple. Put the lotion or cream into the water like mung bean. Usually the oil-in-water type will float on the water surface, and it will slowly dissolve into milky white with a little stirring. Conversely, most water-in-oil emulsions or creams will sink below the surface and are not readily soluble in water.
Test 4 Care products too oily? Light, oil-absorbing paper makes oily and flawless
Worried that your skin care products are too oily and easy to grow acne? Chen Yaokuan suggested two simple test methods. Apply a little skin care product to the back of the hand and gently press it with the oil-absorbing tissue after 3 to 5 minutes. If you can still absorb a lot of oil, it means that it is not well absorbed, the molecule is too big or too greasy. On the other hand, if there is no oil left, it means that the molecules of the skin care products are easy to absorb and are relatively refreshing. Another method is to apply a little care to the back of the hand. After 3 to 5 minutes, turn the hand under the light to observe. If you can see the oily light, it means it is more greasy and not good to absorb.
Can Test 5 Cleansing Oil really clean? A cup of clear water see the true chapter

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The cleansing oil that is currently popular is already the first choice for makeup removal. However, you may not know that some of the cleansing oil will remain on your face after use, but it will make you acne! Chen Yu’an said that the cleansing oil is basically composed of oil and emulsifier. The oil is used to dissolve the makeup. The emulsifier is to make the oil and water match each other. When the water is flushed, the water molecules can be surrounded by the oil molecules and the makeup and washed away. The net effect, but some oils can not be completely emulsified and remain on the face. There is a small test for reference. Put a proper amount of cleansing oil into a glass of water and stir it to make the cleansing oil and water fully emulsified into white. If there is some transparent grease floating on the surface of the water, it means that these oils cannot be It is emulsified and washed. If these oils contain acne-producing ingredients, it is recommended to wash your face after using cleansing oil.
Is Test 6 lipstick moist enough? Oil-absorbing paper tells
To know the degree of moisturizing lipstick, Dr. Chen Yuan provides a good method. Take out a piece of oil-absorbing paper, draw a lip on it with a pencil, and then apply the lipstick of the imaginary test completely to the lip of the painted picture, put it on one night, and then look at the oil-absorbing paper the next day. The lipstick will leak out of the lip line drawn by the pencil. The wider the range of exudation, the higher the fat content of the lipstick and the better the moisture.

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Test 7 Fear of whitening cosmetics containing mercury? Reagent can be measured
Among the cosmetics advertised as whitening effects, they are most afraid of containing heavy metal mercury. Mercury has a whitening effect, but the body cannot metabolize, and mercury spots are often produced, which also has adverse effects on the human body. In the past, professional instruments were required to detect whether cosmetics contained heavy metals. Hydroquinone has a whitening effect, but the reaction is strong and must be prescribed by a doctor. General cosmetics should not contain this ingredient. There is a reagent for testing for mercury or hydroquinone. Take about 1 cc of the cosmetic in a small white container, drop the specified two kinds of reagents, and then mix evenly with a toothpick. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes. If no color change means no mercury, if the color turns brick red Department, it means that it may contain mercury.