Modern cosmetic packaging trends


For cosmetics, what kind of effect does the product itself have on the skin? How does it smell and how long it will take effect? ​​These seem to be a big criterion for us to consider the quality of the product. The hardness of the cosmetic packaging material is not high. It has a crisp sound when it is brittle. It has a transparent color, and the blue color of the bottom can be directly contacted with cosmetics and food. It is generally found in ordinary lotion bottles and vacuum bottles. Manufacturers with large scales of lipstick tubes usually have a quantity of 10,000. The number of small manufacturers is small, and the number of items can be 3,000. The customer can open the mold by himself. Most of them are public models. There is a deviation of ±10% in this industry from the contracted quantity to the actual quantity supplied. The lotion pump dispenser is divided into two types: a tie type and a screw type. From the function, it is divided into a spray, a foundation cream, a lotion pump, an aerosol valve, and a vacuum bottle. In addition, cosmetic packaging containers are also a very important element, especially in the present, beautiful and exquisite cosmetic bottle design is one of the most indispensable strategies for brand marketing. Every time you use the product, the way and the beauty of the appearance is like reading a hidden story. It is always a surprise. I am afraid that the user will feel like this. The original intention of the office decoration designer. Putting cosmetics and fragrances in such cosmetic bottles, they will be more eye-catching, and each outstanding cosmetic bottle design is carefully crafted by designers, which deserves our collection and Play.


Today, the packaging of modern cosmetics has formed the following four characteristics in the selection, structural design and decoration design of packaging materials and containers:


  1. The application range of plastics (structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, colorant) materials and composite materials in cosmetic packaging is increasing, and the design of packaging containers, especially plastic bottles, tends to be diversified. On the contrary, the use of glass bottles is limited, and only perfumes such as high-end cosmetics or fragrance-prone cosmetics are packaged in glass bottles.


  1. The specifications of cosmetic packaging bottles are diversified. In order to meet different needs, the capacity of the packaging container is diversified to facilitate consumer choice.


  1. Serialization of cosmetic packaging design. Usually, the logo pattern and the text font are unified, and the varieties are marked with different colors, water patterns or different shapes.


4, cosmetic packaging containers are increasingly adapted to the needs of personalized development. Manufacturers often focus on gender, age, geography, ethnicity, etc., and differently package cosmetics for different aesthetics.

Modern packaging trends