Double 11 Shopping Festival 2019


When Alibaba group was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in September, its market value exceeded $200 billion, surpassing Wal Mart and PetroChina. This makes this year’s double 11 more meaningful: as the first double 11 after Alibaba’s listing, this year’s trading data will be displayed in front of global investors and the public together with the previously announced quarterly financial statements.

At the main entrance of Taobao City, whether it’s the employees who go to and from work or a large number of visitors who come here every day to visit and negotiate cooperation, we can see that Alibaba’s orange logo has a double 11 countdown electronic display board beside it. In the first ten days of November, Taobao city became busier and busier day by day. David Beckham and Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, visited Taobao city one after another, which also created a momentum for 11.11. This large-scale discount and promotion activity started in 2009 has affected the whole retail industry – whether online or offline, double 11 attracted e-commerce peers and offline department stores and other businesses to join in, becoming a unique phenomenon of Chinese commerce. All kinds of technical support and lessons behind make consumers have a better shopping experience on this day.

Give up calm, buy happy.

In addition to the discount, what else does double eleven have?

Shopping must be eye-catching. If the goods provided by the merchants are not as many as the imported supermarkets at home, then there is no happiness.

On October 30, a dark brown BMW 730LI drove into the cross-border trade e-commerce Industrial Park in Xiasha, Hangzhou. Through the rear window, we can see that there are two coats in the car, one is black formal dress and the other is light yellow casual dress. Obviously, the owners have used the car as a temporary changing room. The car soon stopped at the door of a white warehouse to wait for its owner, Zhang Yong, COO of Alibaba group.

Zhang Yong just reviewed the double 11’s of the past years at the conference of warehouse renovation. Six years ago, he didn’t expect the grand occasion of “double 11”. He just wanted to have an activity to let consumers remember Taobao Mall at that time.

This year, globalization has become one of the strategic priorities of Alibaba group after its IPO, which is reflected in the double 11 that consumers can buy more overseas goods and spend less time on logistics and distribution than on overseas shopping. There are a series of innovations behind this.

“Our ultimate goal is to move global goods from all over the world to China, and at the same time, China will have a lot of goods going global,” Zhang told us

In the “globalization” of the double 11, tmall directly purchases goods from overseas, and becomes a “cross-border e-commerce” – essentially “overseas shopping”. At present, more than 20 countries’ overseas businesses have settled in tmall global. These imported goods are easy to pass customs and have low tax rates. For fresh food alone, globalization means that you can choose more imported seafood and beef and mutton. Let’s take “Boston lobster”, a typical product of tmall global, as an example to see how this fresh Canadian product can reach the table of Chinese buyers in a short time:

As the head of the Boston lobster e-commerce operation Department, Chen Yun experienced the power of the double 11. This year’s estimated sales of lobster exceeded 20 million yuan during the double 11 period, three times that of the whole year last year.

In fact, “Boston lobster” is the “hot money” selected by tmall II from a large number of commodities. In the face of the increasing click through rate and conversion rate of the fresh market, tmall’s precipitated massive data has become an important indicator for the commodity selection of the waiter.

In order to prepare for the double 11, Chen Yun and her colleagues booked 200000 lobsters from Canada, which is the total production of 35 areas of the only production area in Canada (Nova Scotia), and included the spare positions in all Routes From Halifax to Shanghai every day.

After 12 hours of flight, these large lobsters will appear in the security inspection area of Pudong Airport in Shanghai. After the security inspection, they will be cleared at the customs, and then transported to Chuansha seafood temporary breeding base about 15 kilometers away from Pudong airport through cold chain logistics. Then they will be transported to consumers through cold chain logistics after the “recovery from water rest”.

At the beginning of October, “Boston lobster” became one of the three fresh representative products in the “double 11 main venue”. On the day of the interview, the lobster ranked fifth in the double 11 commodity hot sales list. A few months ago, Chen Yun and his colleagues just wanted to “ship the lobsters to China for trial sale.”

On July 14, “Boston lobster” officially landed on tmall’s “meow fresh life” Channel – the lobster with a weight of 450 grams was priced at 69 yuan, and 6000 lobsters were sold in three days. In the morning, Chen Yun and his colleagues also contacted Alibaba and Taobao city in Hangzhou for business, and in the afternoon, they directly contacted rookie logistics to discuss the delivery. In the evening, rookie logistics and tmall store are bound, while Shunfeng also joins the goods delivery team. Three days later, the goods are delivered.

Now, Chuansha’s temporary breeding base has hoarded 4 tons of lobsters, including 99 yuan 700 g “big lobster” and 69 yuan 450 g small and medium-sized lobster. The former entered the pre-sale platform of the double 11 from October 15, while the latter is the goods prepared for the double 11 day rush. Chen Yun predicted that they could sell more than 100000 orders for Boston lobster alone on the day of the double 11. In addition to orders for other seafood, Chen Yun gave SF an estimated 270000 orders.

Chen Yun loves and hates double 11. From 0 o’clock of the day to 3 o’clock in the morning, 30 customer service staff have been on-line consulting. Three shifts have been on duty all day, and she herself has also

Double 11 Shopping Festival 2019