How to make up – 7 steps to make up


Nowadays, make-up has become an international trend, but many of us don’t know how to make up and how to make makeup. The so-called make-up is to ask for symmetry and coordination. But sometimes it is a well-organized coordination, sometimes “uncoordinated” coordination. Be thoughtful and create your own unique charm. The Women’s Makeup Network introduces you to the most basic makeup knowledge – how to make up the 7 steps. It is very important to wash your face before applying makeup. Applying moisturizer or body lotion is a good step. A good moisturizer will make a good foundation for the makeup process before applying the foundation, so that when you proceed to the next step, the face It won’t dry up, and it will make the skin look crystal clear.
Makeup first step: decorated with foundation.

Many girls skip this step when making makeup. In fact, this step is very important.
Step: Use the size of the bean size on the face and apply evenly. It should be noted that it must not be used much. The green and blue finishes have a good cover and are suitable for people with spots or other flaws. Purple is more suitable for the yellowish skin of oriental people. White is more suitable for transparent makeup.

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The second step of makeup: liquid foundation.
It is similar to the way the foundation is applied.
Step: Apply evenly to the face twice as much as the powder. It is important to pay attention to the eyes, and the junction between the hair and the forehead should be evenly applied. Otherwise, others can see that you are wearing makeup.
Makeup Step 3: Concealer or Concealer
Only for those with a small face.
Step: You can use a small brush to gently rub around and around. This way, the foundation does not need to be too thick to cover the spots, acne. Another use is to apply concealer between the eyebrows to one third of the nose and under the eyes. This not only covers the dark circles but also plays a role in brightening.
Makeup fourth step: powder cake
If your makeup has achieved the desired results after completing the above three steps, the powder can be omitted in the fourth step, directly on the loose powder, to achieve the effect of brightening.
Steps: Gently tap on the face with a puff, pay attention to evenly apply the powder, and also note that the bare part of the head should be powdered, which looks more spiritual and achieves the effect of makeup.

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Makeup fifth step: loose powder
Step: Just gently pounce on a layer of loose powder. It is important to pay attention to the junction of the face and the neck.
Reminder: Japan’s foundation is about transparency, and Korea’s foundation pays more attention to cover. You can choose your cosmetics as needed.
Makeup sixth step: makeup for the eyes
Eyebrows: It is important to trim the eyebrows.
Step: I think it is best to find a more professional place when trimming the eyebrows for the first time. After that, you can take care of the shape you have already repaired. If you use the eyebrow brush to brush the eyebrow powder, the effect will be much more natural.

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Eye shadow: You can choose the color matching according to different clothing.
Steps: Pay attention to the color transition when you turn your eyeshadow. For example, if you have a pink eye shadow, you should first apply a layer of light powder to the entire eyelid and then deepen it at the place where the eyelashes are near. After finishing the makeup, apply a layer of white loose powder on the brow bone bridge. It can achieve the effect of highlighting the three-dimensional effect.
Eyeliner: The average girl is not willing to put on the eyeliner. In fact, a good eyeliner on the upper layer can make the eyes brighter.
Step: One way is to use an eyeliner to point the eyeliner in the neutral of the root of the eyelashes. This will look more natural. The lower eyeliner can be made with a white eyeliner to make the eyes appear larger.

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Make-up seventh step: lip modification
Many people think that we are still young and don’t need lipstick. Just apply some lip balm and apply some lip gloss.
Steps: It is important to note that lip gloss should not be painted over the mouth, so it looks like it has not been wiped after eating. If you put a lip gloss on the middle of the lip, and then lick it, the effect will be better.