Disinfectant can also be carried around




The emergence of the epidemic situation, let our country is facing a very big problem, and along with the novel corona-virus infection of pneumonia patients in the continuous increase, a lot of items have become one of the popular products to buy, such as masks, disinfectant, so what is the disinfectant, what is the role?

The efficacy of disinfectant

Main is liquid disinfectant, disinfectant used to kill all kinds of active bacteria and viruses, in our life, there are a lot of disinfectant, their main difference is that the disinfection is a different targeted disinfection, can achieve better disinfection purposes, and targeted disinfected, is good for people’s health and more.

The effect of disinfectant

Disinfectant effect is very big still, mainly on the tableware, melons and fruits, vegetables, surface fabric, some objects or public production environment of sterilization, the use of disinfectants can quickly kill the intestinal tract and streptococcus pyogenes, also able to inactivate some virus, effectively avoid bacteria and virus damage to human body health.

Matters need attention

Generally, when cleaning clothes, you can use diluted disinfection vacuoles for a while, and then wash them, so that the clothes are relatively clean, especially some clothes that are difficult to wash.

Or the tableware of daily consumption can be disinfected with disinfectant, but after the use of disinfectant need to be scalding with boiling water, and then clean with clean water, avoid tableware on the residual some bad chemical substances, have a bad effect on the human body.

Method of use of disinfectant

First must wear gloves, disinfectant irritating strong, avoid direct contact with the skin. The second is to need to be disinfected items in the diluted liquid soaked for 20 minutes. It is the word that surface disinfects again, will soak good liquid spray to scrub directly can. If it is knitting goods, put the goods in the diluted disinfectant soak for 20 minutes, with water to clean.