How to use powder from MEIYUN


Powder is also called set makeup powder, which is used to set the end of makeup. MM people may like to use powder brush to gently turn a circle in the T area, which is quite lovely. When setting makeup with loose powder, remember to put it on your face gently, and remember not to put on too much, otherwise the makeup on your face will become stiff and unnatural.

Powder on T-zone

Powder can control oil, moisturize and brighten. In summer, the face is prone to oil and make-up. It’s good to use powder to fix makeup and absorb oil. However, powder is best to pounce in the T area, and it’s OK to use powder brush to sweep gently. After that, you can pounce a little more powder on the edge of your face.

To flick / sweep on the face

First of all, you can’t use more powder. At the same time, you should gently put it on your face. Otherwise, there may be creases. The lines on your face will become clear. When you just put on makeup, you will feel destroyed.

Finally, wipe off the excess powder with cotton pad

If you are gently sweeping with powder brush, there is no need to do this step. But if you accidentally wipe more powder, you can use a clean cotton pad to gently dip in your face, wipe off the excess powder.

How to choose powder color

There are many kinds of powder colors. Mm can choose powder with a brighter color. Because in the evening, the makeup on your face will be oxidized. If you don’t make up in time or put on makeup again, the skin color will be dark. You want to keep the delicate makeup and give a good impression of the popular color. A powder lighter than the skin color is worth having.

However, there are several colors of loose powder, such as ivory white, green, purple and blue, as well as a special pearl powder. In the face of so many interference, mm are they in a deep tangle?

You may also have a box of ivory powder on hand. The powder of this color is widely used. Not too white skin, but not black mm can try.

The green powder looks strange, but it can cover the red blood and make the skin look clearer. Mm skin is very healthy can try yo.

The skin color is darker, the Yellow mm can try the purple powder. After the base makeup is finished, you will look fresh with the powder puff on your face.

If you have a lot of spots on your face, you can try the blue powder. It’s amazing, isn’t it? The powder is good. It’s really a magic wand.

Finally, it introduces a powder, pearlescent powder, which is suitable for white and flawless skin. This powder is mainly used to brighten the skin tone. If the skin is clear and transparent, it’s not worth your life.

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