Nail Polish Bottle FROM MEIYUN


Nail Polish as a  essential equipment for beauty, there are many streets and alleys are sold in many shops. The nail industry has been around for 50 years.

We can analysis the nail polish from the following ways.

1.Look at the ingredients. Most Nail Polish is full of chemicals, but many of them don’t pose a health risk. According to the relevant regulations, all businesses should mark the main ingredients of the product on the package. When buying Nail Polish, people can compare the ingredient list with the above-mentioned substances Try to avoid nail Polish containing the above ingredients.

2.Smell it. Not all manufacturers make public the ingredients of Nail Polish, especially for non-nail Polish products, which are also high incidence of low-quality Nail Polish At this point we can tell by the physical properties of these toxic substances such as smell.  Camphor and other substances have a strong smell, when buying nail Polish can open the bottle cap, gently stir the bottle mouth with your hand Bad Nail Polish tends to have a strong paint or pungent taste, while good nail Polish has no odor or taste. Use this method to judge must pay attention to do not directly with the nose against the mouth of the bottle, so as not to irritant gas damage nasal cavity.

3.Observe the drying rate. Previously mentioned the harm of strong volatile substances, many manufacturers in order to make nail Polish quick drying, often add excessive harmful substances. Even the non-toxic volatile substances, but also to the eyes, nose and other discomfort, such as Nail Polish is clearly not safe enough. You can smear a little nail Polish on the back of the hand, observe its drying rate. Poor Quality Nail Polish generally have the characteristics of quick drying, good nail Polish drying rate is more moderate.

Nail polish bottle

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