Medium Borosilicate Glass For Medical Use



There are seven new crown vaccine projects that have entered clinical trials in China. The head of production of the enterprise that owns one of the vaccine projects said that at present most of the vaccines used are neutral borosilicate glass controlled injection bottles, if you want to use in the product, from the regulatory point of view, to do packaging compatibility test, the main verification of the two aspects of the data is: whether the glass bottle adsorbed liquid medicine, liquid medicine in the glass bottle have precipitation. The head of the Production said: “Boron content is not the same, resulting in bottles of different Brittleness. “. The higher the Boron content, the easier it is to brittle, like we do lyophilized dosage forms, to low temperature, may be easy to burst bottles, bottles easy to crack. Therefore, we still need to look at the process of the product and choose the bottle. If the cost is higher, then it must be slightly more expensive.”The world’s mainstream vaccine bottle material is also borosilicate glass, because of its acid and alkali corrosion, and has a strong cold and hot impact resistance and high mechanical strength. Global borosilicate glass giants include the German Schott Group, the United States, Khang Ninh and Japan’s electrical joint-stock company. Among them, Shorter ranks first in the global market share of medicinal glass, and is also the main supplier of borosilicate glass tubes in China. It is understood that China has been approved to enter the clinical phase of seven new crown vaccine development projects, vaccine bottle materials are produced by the Schott group in borosilicate medicinal glass, some of which directly used the vaccine bottles made by Shorter. On July 31st the Shorter group announced that its supply of borosilicate glass could be used to make up to 2bn new cap vials, and Shorter entered into an agreement with the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, effective immediately, the first batch of vials will be delivered to Chinese and overseas pharmaceutical companies.