The Use of Pointy Nosed Bottles



Pointy nosed bottle, as the name suggests, is a plastic bottle with a cap and tip. Pointy nosed bottle has been widely used in the packaging of chemical products and teaching and scientific research instrument bottles. In recent years, it has also appeared on honey bottle and other packaging bottles.

In terms of chemical products, many plastic bottles are in the form of pointed nozzle bottles, which can be used to point glue and facilitate the outflow of glue.

In addition, sewing lubricant bottles are also in the form of pointed beak, which is very convenient for daily operation.

In scientific research and teaching, when doing chemical experiments, there are strict requirements on the dose in many cases. It is very effective to control the dose in the form of a pointed mouth.

Therefore, pointy-nosed bottles are widely used in teaching and scientific research.

In recent years, the beak packaging form of honey bottles has also begun to appear. Liquid honey flows out of the beak through the bottle extrusion, avoiding the uncontrolled pouring of a large amount of honey during the extrusion of the honey bottle.

Pointed mouth bottle is a bottle with a pointed mouth, the bottle application range is very wide, it is not only used in glue products, such as in eye drops, chemical products and apparatus for teaching and scientific research and other aspects are widely used, this kind of bottle nozzle design, can not only easy to use, and don’t cause waste, as long as where there is need to squeeze a little is ok, we usually use this same is true of eye drops

To sum up, it can be seen that pointy-nosed bottles are very convenient for the application of dose-controlled packaging, from which we designers should draw inspiration.