roll on bottle


The roll-on ball bottle, also known as the bead bottle, is a common bottle and widely used. It is commonly used as a cosmetic eye cream, lipstick, and children’s products. The ball bottle usually has a small capacity, and the ball is mounted on the bottle head so that the people can evenly apply it to prevent liquid leakage and also have a massage effect.

At present, the bottle body on the market is made of glass or plastic material. The commonly used material is PET, and the modified version of PETG. At present, the industry calls for recycling and reuse. Therefore, PET is a recyclable material in the choice of materials. The balls on the head of the ball bottle are made of plastic, steel balls and glass. The general purpose eye cream bottle is made of steel, while the cheap products such as lipstick are made of plastic, depending on the price of the product.

There are various capacity of roll on bottle,3ml,5ml,10ml,15ml,20ml and so on.

The glass bottle can be made in different processes: frosted, gold plated, etc.

The lid of the bottle can be fitted with a plastic cover, a wooden cover and an anodized aluminum cover.

The shape of the bottle can be made round, octagonal, etc.

roll on bottle