Cosmetic Egg Material


Makeup Egg

cosmetic egg material is divided into natural latex and non-latex.
Natural Latex is made from rubber trees, while non-natural Latex is synthetic.

Natural Latex film performance is good.
It can adjust its viscosity at will, so can be made into a variety of shapes, but also easy to be degraded. However, Natural Latex is easy to aging, if made into cosmetic eggs, service life is not long, so this natural latex is often made into a small powder puff, this is generally used up straight after throw away. And Natural Latex can cause allergies. In addition, natural latex water will not grow, if you see some people say that is made of natural latex cosmetic eggs, but also in the product description water will grow, then you need to be careful to buy.

The raw material of non-natural Latex is usually polyurethane.
This type of cosmetic eggs do not do any latex ingredients, so reduce the risk of allergies, made of polymer technology, and water will become larger, will be larger than the original shape of 1.5-2 times.

So if you are the sensitive muscle person.
when the choice cosmetic egg, must choose the non-natural Latex to make the cosmetic egg. There will be marked water will become large for the cosmetic egg, almost all made of non-natural latex material, there are some non-natural Latex material will not become large, but rare in China.