Plastic PET PETG Dropper Bottle


plastic PET PETG dropper bottle

Thick-bottom thick-wall PET/PETG essential oil dropper bottle

It looks better than glass bottle ……

  • Food-grade and environment-friendly Raw Material makes the container safer

PET plastic is often used to make plastic bottles, beverage bottles and other products. The plastic mineral water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles that people often buy are all PET packaged products, which belong to food-grade safe plastic materials.

  • Superior property, High Chemical Resistance makes the container have wide range of application

PETG has outstanding toughness and high impact strength, high mechanical strength and excellent flexibility, good gloss, easy printing and environmental protection advantages.

  • The same clearness and texture as glass but more convenient for the transportation

PETG has glass-like transparency and near-glass density, good gloss, chemical corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and is easy to process. It can be injected, injected, blown and extruded.It can also produce unique shapes, looks and special effects

  • diverse decoration , diverse Collocationand fast customized

The diversity of bottle holder configuration, the variability of collocation, the flexibility of packaging combination, rapid customization, rich color, easy and changeable after processing, make it not to be surpassed the advantage