Car Perfume and Aroma



With the widespread use of cars, car perfume has gradually come into our lives. The pros and cons of car perfume directly affects the driver’s mood and safety, it is particularly important to choose the right car perfume. The car perfume commonly used on the market now should have perfume of liquid model car, solid model car perfume and air mist car perfume. Liquid car perfume is more common, it is mixed by essence and volatile solvent, compared with solid car aroma is thicker, duration is longer, and send slowly, fill put in all sorts of containers that have artistic modelling. It can be used commonly 2 to 3 months. At present, car perfume has become a necessity of the public, it is beautiful, and the first choice of car interior decoration.

Car perfume, as we all know, it is the car interior decoration, but that actually have a lot of unknown efficacy! Perfume of car and person used perfume to have a common character that can purify peculiar smell namely, however, the characteristic of perfume of car is particularly outstanding, it can maintain inside car air clean, purify inside peculiar smell. It is conducive to driving safety, it can create a clear and pleasant atmosphere in the narrow space of the car, to keep the driver’s mind clear and calm, so as to reduce the incidence of driving accidents, increase the elegance of the car. Now the modelling of a lot of car perfume is quite lovely, in addition to fragrance, still very good car adornment is small piece, active car atmosphere, raise driving pleasure. The smell it gives off is light, different from the strong perfume people use.

Choose the car perfume that calmer effect is better to drive safety very helpful, if cool and refreshing herb fragrance, the amber fragrance of peaceful person, mint fragrance, fruity sweet flower fragrance can flabby nerve is waited a moment.