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I believe many people know that a small bag of unedible preservatives can usually be found in the food bag, but few people pay attention to the existence of preservatives in a bright lipstick and a bottle of perfume full of fragrance.

Cosmetics preservatives exist in raw materials, manufacturing process and packaging, which are basically invisible to consumers.

First, is preservative beneficial to human body? The answer is No.

According to the documents of the Food and Drug Administration, preservatives are common factors leading to skin allergy and other irritant reactions, the chemically synthesized preservatives are one of the important causes of skin irritation, allergy, inflammation and potential safety risks in cosmetic formulas.

Some enterprises try to use “natural” preservatives, which are usually some plant raw materials and animal extracts, but these “natural” preservatives are easier for microorganism to reproduce and grow, so the antiseptic effect may not be good. In addition, taking in a variety of natural preservatives at the same time may even cause harm to the body. Some cosmetic enterprises add antiseptic and synergistic agents in the formula in order to reduce the dosage of preservatives.

How much do you know about the preservatives added during the cosmetic processing?

Second, can cosmetics preservatives be used?

Preservatives refer to a kind of substances that can inhibit or prevent the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and ensure that cosmetics do not deteriorate within the shelf life. Microbial contamination can cause the change of smell, color and viscosity of cosmetics, leading to the degradation of the active components of products, the change of the sense of use, and even the harm to human health. The above situation can be avoided by adding preservatives. Responsible manufacturers will not sell products to consumers at the risk of unstable quality. Therefore, preservatives are essential. Some cosmetics claiming that they do not contain preservatives may just not add preservatives in a certain production link, and more enterprises just do not label preservatives on the product packaging.

In reality, there are indeed some enterprises that have tried to use the formula without preservatives, but it needs to be produced in a safe, sterile and fully purified space, not to mention the high cost, moreover, the product without preservatives must have very small packaging and content, short shelf life, and must be used up in a short time after being opened, which has great limitations in use. Therefore, it does not have operability in actual operation.

Preservatives in cosmetics
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