Recycled Material



Never production or the first production of raw materials called new material, production once want to granulate the product to re-production is called recycling material, referred to as the return of first-class return material than second-class return material texture.

Recycled material
Recycled material also known as recycled material, is the waste material in production or used after the old material, after the re-processing of the material. It is commonly used in organic board, Nylon, Low-density polyethylene, abs plastic and other industries.

Because the world resources is always a hot topic of human beings, the slogan of saving resources has gradually taken root in the hearts of people, so the awakening of recycling materials is also inevitable, so that people can truly achieve environmental protection and energy conservation through the recycling of resources.

The biggest advantage of the PCR material is that the price is absolutely cheaper than the new material, although its overall performance and properties are not as good as the new material, however, we do not need to use the material with good properties and performance in many aspects of production to make it, which wastes many, many unnecessary properties, and the material returned is different, according to different needs, just need to process a certain aspect of the attributes, can produce corresponding products, so do not let resources drain.