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Packaging Materical

Packaging design is a comprehensive problem, which includes knowledge in many fields of material usage, molding and processing technology, technical structure design, artistic design, creativity, commodity technology and consumer psychology. I don’t need to consider many of these. The current design mainly meets the needs of customers, that is, the boss and customers think it is good to meet their own vision needs, and they don’t consider whether the market consumers like it or not, however, there is a truth that remains unchanged. A good design must be highly invested, and it is generally difficult to achieve things that are good-looking, high-end and cheap.
As a packaging designer or developer, be sure to understand the materials commonly used in packaging, properties of packing characteristics, and be familiar with the molding methods and processing techniques of packaging containers, we also need to master the technical structure design and artistic modeling design methods of packaging containers. Good appearance creativity will be limited by material, structure, craft and other conditions, and cannot be realized or the actual processing cost will be significantly increased, or the manufactured product packaging cannot be filled on the production line, in other words, the processing is too difficult to produce on a large scale. As a design, we should be able to fully consider the use environment, circulation link and compatibility with products during the packaging design process, and on this basis, we should carry out scientific modeling design, structural design, comprehensive design verification means including material design and manufacturing process design.