How to use the dropper of the essential oil bottle



the construction and usage of oil bottles of dropper type.
1. Empty first and then suck liquid;

  1. Place it vertically above the test tube opening to avoid contamination of the dropper;
  2. After absorbing the liquid, keep the glue head on it to prevent the liquid from flowing back, polluting the test agent or corroding the rubber head;
  3. The rubberhead should be cleaned immediately after use, and then other drugs should be absorbed to prevent cross contamination.
    The correct operation method of dropper:

1.When clamping: use ring finger and middle finger to clamp at the joint of rubber head and glass tube, not thumb and forefinger (or middle finger), so as to prevent the rubber head from falling off.

2.When inhaling liquid: first squeeze the rubber head with the thumb and forefinger, get rid of What is the meaning of essential oil?Which mainly use for essential oil and essence.

Please pay attention that It is forbidden to squeeze the rubber head in the reagent to prevent the reagent from being polluted by air and containing impurities.

3.After the liquid body is absorbed, the glue head must be upward, not flat, not to mention the opening of the Glass pointed mouth upward, in case the glue head is corroded; you can’t put the dropper after absorbing the liquid on the Test table to avoid contamination of the dropper.

Another style essential oil bottle,which is with inner plug and screw cap.

We usually have three kinds of inner plug: one-piece inner plug, empty inner plug and non-hole inner plug.