Nowadays, many cosmetics use airless bottle, which can isolate the substances from the air and prevent the occurrence of oxidative deterioration and harmful substances of bacteria.

We often see that the airless bottle is composed of an elliptical container and a piston. It comes from the force of the spring. It uses the contraction force to keep air out of the bottle, and then uses the atmospheric pressure to make the piston move forward. The reduction of oxygen in the bottle after vacuum can prevent the oxidation of components, stabilize the activity of components and inhibit the survival of microorganisms, thus prolonging the storage time. However, maintenance products are liquid and cannot be completely airless like solids, so the extension time is limited.

Airless bottles are usually cylinder, with specifications of 5ml-200ml. The overall capacity of vacuum bottles is small. It relies on the principle of atmospheric pressure to avoid contamination of cosmetics in use. Vacuum bottles are made of electrolytic aluminium, plastic plating and non-ferrous plastics. The price is more expensive than other containers, and the requirement of ordinary starting quantity is not high.

The material of the airless lotion bottle is ABS,aluminium and etc.The material is very strong , broken-resistant, recyclable and environmental tasteless.

airless bottle

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