How to tell if cosmetics are good or bad



How to tell whether it is good or bad! Just a glass of water can be done. Why use water? Because we wash our face with water every day, the molecules of water and the molecules of the skin are close to each other, so any water that can be dissolved by water can be absorbed by the skin. Put the appropriate amount of foundation or lotion that you usually use into the water and observe the reaction.
Usually use the foundation or emulsion used in the water and observe the reaction.
The following three conditions will occur to illustrate the ingredients contained in it: stick to the side of the cup, float on the water and sink to the bottom of the cup.
1 Sticking to the side of the cup is animal oil.

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It is extracted from animals.
A soothing agent, a desensitizing agent, is added during the manufacturing process. The soothing agent is an anesthetic agent for immune nerves. It will feel good at first, but it will not work for a long time. The beautician knows that the same brand of cosmetics will be replaced in 2-3 years. What is the change? The change is the soothing agent.
2 Floating on the water is mineral oil.
Mineral oil is extracted from oil extracted from the ground. The first layer is used as gasoline; the second layer is lepton oil; the third layer is asphalt, which is used to pave the road. This kind of cosmetics is made with the second layer of lepton oil. The light-pure oil has a good moisturizing effect, but it is not breathable, which will affect the permeability of the skin and accelerate the aging of the skin.
3 Heavy metals, lead, mercury, etc. are deposited at the bottom of the cup.

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If the products you use don’t stick to the side of the cup, don’t float, don’t sink the bottom of the cup, then you can congratulate you, because you have chosen the right thing, you can use it with peace of mind. Everyone can go home and try it, but don’t use the wrong thing because of the blindness of the moment, but it is not worth the loss. Because after all, health is more important than beauty.
Emulsion cosmetics see the pros and cons in clear water
For lotion cosmetics, you can take a cup of water and pour the lotion into the water a little. If the lotion floats on the water, it proves that it contains a substance called oil stone ester. This kind of substance can damage the skin, prevent the skin from breathing, cause the skin to be dry and dehydrated, and clog the pores. Over time, the pores will become larger and larger, so the current cosmetics are generally not recommended. If the emulsion is poured into the water, it will sink to the bottom, which proves that it contains no oil ester, which can be used with confidence. Then shake the glass of water, and if the water turns milky white, it proves that it contains emulsifier. Emulsifiers We all know that it is a surfactant that is used excessively in cosmetics. It destroys the skin structure, causes skin sensitivity, and has strong carcinogenicity. Therefore, such cosmetics are not good. .
Cream cosmetics, fire can be prototype

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For cream cosmetics, put it in an ordinary spoon and cook it until it is completely burnt. If there is black residue, it is various additives. The more black residue, the more additives.
Whitening cosmetics, silver products, inspection
For cosmetics with whitening function, consumers are very worried about whether they will contain harmful substances such as lead and mercury. In fact, it is necessary to detect the presence of such substances. The method is very simple. You only need to prepare some pure silver products. For example, silver bracelets and rings can be used. As long as the silver products are rubbed on the hands coated with cosmetics, if it turns black, it indicates that it contains lead. The darker the color, the more lead.
The above method is to test the quality of a cosmetic from the perspective of practice, and when you buy cosmetics, you can distinguish whether the quality of the purchased cosmetics exists from the aspects of outer packaging, signage, color, smell and so on. problem.
The label name, source, and license number must not be less.

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1. Whether the product name, manufacturer’s name and address, contents of the contents, date mark, license number, product standard number, etc. are marked on the product label. Some products should have safety warnings, instructions for use and storage conditions. Special-purpose cosmetics should be marked with the hygienic approval number for special-purpose cosmetics, such as freckle, sunscreen, deodorant, hair dye, perm, hair growth, hair removal, beautiful milk, body-building cosmetics, etc.
2. Imported cosmetics should be marked with the name and address of the country of origin, the name of the region (including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao), the name and address of the manufacturer, or the name and address of the distributor, importer, and agent registered in the country. Chinese character annotation.
Internal container should be neatly sealed
After opening the cosmetic outer packaging, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the container containing the cosmetic is neat and sealed. Some fake cosmetics usually use recycled old cosmetic containers, so the containers tend to be rough and have obvious scars or streaks. The caps and the mouth of the bottle are not tightly fitted and slippery.
Product quality “five look” to distinguish between authenticity
After the inspection of the outer packaging of cosmetics, it is necessary to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the cosmetics itself. Mastering the “five look” can preliminarily determine the quality of the cosmetics.

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Nutritional or shampoo and hair care cosmetics are light in color, mostly white, yellowish, pink, and lake blue.
2. See if there is any gas generated.
Microorganisms produce a variety of gases during their growth.
3. See if the cream is thin.
Cosmetics generally contain starch, protein and fat.
4, see the degree of turbidity.
The growth of microorganisms in liquid cosmetics can make the cosmetics turbid.
5, look at its consistency.
If the cosmetic such as lotion is shaken up and down, the unqualified cosmetics will flow faster due to insufficient viscosity. When the bottle cap is tilted downward to make a small amount of liquid flow out, the liquid flowing out is dripping; and the qualified cosmetics should be continuous thin lines. shape.
“Invisible killer” exposure in cosmetics
Prohibited substances – chromium, antimony
The sk-ii cosmetics in Guangdong and Shanghai were exploding with quality problems. The main culprit was chromium, bismuth and other substances. According to the relevant regulations of China’s “Cosmetics Hygiene Standards” (gb7916), cosmetics should not contain banned substances such as chromium and strontium. According to experts, chromium is a skin allergen that can cause allergic dermatitis or eczema. It has a long course and is not cured.钕 is very irritating to the eyes and mucous membranes, moderately irritating to the skin, and inhalation can also cause pulmonary embolism and liver damage.
Restricted substances – tribute, lead
In some magical whitening cosmetics known as “immediate whitening” and “stainless spots”, it is also very likely that excessive amounts of harmful substances such as tribute and lead are added. According to relevant national standards, the lead and mercury content in cosmetics should not exceed 1 mg per kilogram. Mercury, lead and other substances are absorbed by the body through the skin, which makes the nervous system of the human body dysfunctional, posing a threat to the kidneys, the hematopoietic system, the liver, and even causing infertility. For pregnant women, mercury also enters the embryo from the mother, affecting the development of the embryo. If you use cosmetics with excessive mercury for a long time, it may cause facial pigmentation and even damage the system of urinary, endocrine, and central nervous system.