Look at the appearance of cosmetics, large bottle mouth small drop tube is elegant




Core Tip: There are so many packaging materials for cosmetics. If it is really an important factor in the selection and purchase, I believe many consumers will feel a headache. In fact, we still have to learn to believe in the brand. They must have obtained many materials after much research. It is suitable for holding cosmetics. It is better to think about ways to save it if it is not suitable for entanglement.
Recently, everyone is saying that the cosmetics in jars are illusory, but they look good, but they are useless to preserve the active ingredients of cosmetics. What is the truth? Let’s start by understanding what a jar is.

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What is a jar?
Mainly refers to the opening of the bottle is particularly large, you can directly use your fingers to dig, more common in face cream, mask and your home’s large washbasin.
Some people say this: the packaging of the jar is just a picture of “good-looking”, which will invalidate all active ingredients.
Because the visual effect of the jar is more atmospheric and luxurious, many brands use this kind of packaging to enhance the brand image, and the more straightforward is to increase the price. Moreover, some effective ingredients, especially antioxidants, fail when exposed to air, and the expensive ingredients are meaningless. When the finger is in use, a large area of ​​contact with the product will also cause pollution to the product. It is best not to use your fingers to dig the skin care products in the bottle to prevent the bacteria from infecting the unused parts of the bottle. It is recommended to use a digging stick or a disposable cotton swab.
Some people say this: The jar packaging is actually unobtrusive, as long as it is filled with cream.
The composition of the jar does not necessarily volatilize. It is obvious that the big-name jar has his reason, so it is not a joke! Antioxidant ingredients do not come into contact with air, light and heat. Therefore, the antioxidant component should be stored in a closed bottle in a cool place. However, even if it is an antioxidant component, the contact with the air is ineffective, and only the surface is ineffective, and the deep component is still effective. The texture of the cream is relatively viscous, with oily ingredients, which are exposed to air when it is volatilized. The oily ingredients block the evaporation of water, so the active ingredient can be locked in the deep layer. The essence is easy to volatilize because it is not suitable for jars.
Editor’s point of view: I don’t think that the most common jars on the day will actually set off a “water war”. Since the jars are so susceptible to pollution, the digging sticks are not likely to be spared! We are not living in a sterile environment. The practical digging rods are the same as the hand digging. The premise is to ensure the cleanliness of the excavating tools, and the caps should be tightened as quickly as possible after each opening of the caps. . Carefully use the storage, you do not have to negate all the jars.

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What is the most expensive in today’s cosmetics? The essence is the most expensive! Don’t look at its small body, the amount of gold can be quite a lot! Look at the essence of those high-end brands, all of them are packaged with “small dropper”. Is it Miss World that is both beautiful and smart, or is it a showgirl that can’t be used?
“Small dropper” advantage: get the right amount, resist pollution
The essence is mostly watery essence and rich in nutrients, which is very suitable for bacterial reproduction. In order to avoid direct contact with the essence of foreign objects (including hands), small dropper is an important way to reduce pollution products. At the same time, the dosage can be more precise and effectively avoid waste.
“Small dropper” disadvantage: use a little bit each time, can not get rid of the waste of the name
Usually the tube head of the dropper design can’t reach the bottom of the bottle, and when the last point of the product is used, the dropper will suck in part of the air at the same time, so it is impossible to use it all, compared to the design of the vacuum pump. waste.
Editing tricks: The design principle of the small dropper is to use the pressure pump to extract and absorb the essence of the bottle. It is very simple to use the essence to absorb the essence. The air in the dropper is first drained by pressing. It is a squeeze type dropper, just squeeze the dropper and put it back into the bottle. Do not loosen the bottle mouth tightly; if it is a push-type dropper, press the dropper completely when you put it back in the bottle to ensure that it is fully pressed. The air is completely squeezed out. This way, the next time you use it, you only need to gently unscrew the bottle mouth, no need to squeeze, the essence is enough for one use.
After talking about the bottle design, the next thing to say is the packaging material. The container material for the maintenance products can be described as various materials, mainly plastic, glass and metal. Have you ever thought about which one is used the most? Which one is best for the most stable?

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The material of the rotten street – plastic, the proportion is up to 80%
Advantages: High degree of change, all sizes, shapes, colors, transparent, opaque can be done. Light weight, easy to transport, good printability, and recyclable.
Disadvantages: not heat resistant, insufficient light barrier properties, poor solvent resistance (especially grease). Therefore, the first bottleneck in plastic containers is that it cannot be autoclaved, cannot be washed with water, and cannot be sterilized by light. In addition, considering the stability of the contents, some skin care items are not suitable for being placed in plastic containers.
The most stable and most reassuring material – glass, the proportion is second, 8%
Advantages: heat resistance, light resistance, solvent resistance, absolutely won. The darker the color, the more beneficial to the preservation of anti-oxidant, anti-aging, whitening skin care products, because these ingredients are very active and easily affected by light. Therefore, unless it is a poor quality glass, the most suitable home for skin care products is a glass container.
Disadvantages: In addition to being easy to break, I refused to be a child’s toy. I basically can’t think of any shortcomings. Of course, if you know that it is made of glass, it will never be placed in a position that is easy to be knocked down.
Editor’s conjecture: In the future, cosmetics packaging may only use one material. It is light and easy to handle, and it can resist various pollutions. The shelf life will be greatly extended. The most important thing is that it can be recycled and reused. I hope to see it in the near future. Appeared!