Polystyrene (abbreviation PS) refers to the polymer synthesized from styrene monomer through free radical addition polymerization, and the chemical formula is (C8H8)n. It is a colorless and transparent thermoplastic with glass Inversion temperature higher than 32℃, so it is often used to make all kinds of disposable containers that need to bear the temperature of boiled water, as well as disposable foam lunch boxes, etc.
Polystyrene is easy to process and form, and has the advantages of transparency, low price, rigidity, insulation, good printability, etc. It can be widely used in light industry market, daily decoration, lighting indication, packaging and other aspects. In terms of electrical, it is even better insulation material and heat insulation materials, which can produce various instrument shells, lampshades, optical chemical instrument parts, transparent films, capacitor dielectric layers, etc.
It can be used in powder and lotion cosmetics. It has good compressibility for powder and can improve the adhesion performance of powder. It endows skin with luster and lubrication, and is an advanced filler to replace talc powder and silica.