What are the complete set of cosmetics and makeup tools



What are the complete set of cosmetics and makeup tools
1. Tools and products that should be prepared for skin care series: lotion toner, eye cream (23-year-old is suitable to buy basic eye cream without facial lines), moisturizing lotion or cream (based on personal skin choice), whitening lotion or cream ( If you don’t need whitening this step can be omitted), cream, foundation, powder or loose powder.

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Note: It is best to choose the same brand, and apply it evenly on the face and neck in the order I wrote. The next step is the makeup step.

2. The tools needed for make-up are: a set of brushes (eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, blush brush, etc.), light makeup needs to be prepared: eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder (brown is more suitable), white highlight eye shadow (Hit on the brow bone and the bridge of the nose for brightening), eye shadows (colors I personally like to buy, warm colors are not suitable for single eyelid girls such as pink, the popular light gray, gold and other metallic colors are recommended), eyeliner eyeliner Liquid (eyeliner is more natural, novices recommend buying eyeliner), mascara, eyelash curler, lip gloss choose lip jelly with fine pearlescent (recommended to choose pink or orange), blusher (skin is darker, buy orange, not black, buy Pink, daily makeup try not to buy pearly blush).


First trim your eyebrows, then clean your skin and then apply makeup. Sequentially apply skin care products as a primer, then draw eyebrows, and apply white highlight eyeshadow on the eyebrow bones to brighten the eyebrows and draw eyeliners. The next step is to paint eye shadows and double eyelids, which can be heavier and slowly bloom. The color should be lighter as you go to the eyebrows. It is recommended that the color range of the eyeshadow does not exceed one-half between the eyes and the eyebrows. Then use the eyelash curler to apply mascara more than 2 times. When you smile and hit the smile muscles, put on lip gloss, the makeup of the light makeup is over.
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