Is the glass bottle of the new Crown Vaccine Really Not Enough?



As one of the main domestic pharmaceutical glass manufacturers, Zhao Haibao said he did not feel the strain of the new crown vaccine glass bottle production end, “now the vaccine has not come out, how much, what products, no one is clear. “. Public and market sentiment is different from Zhao Haibao. The shortage of new glass bottles for the vaccine has been reported since May and June, and Zhang Wenhong, director of the Department of infection at the Mount Hua Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, expressed concern about the production of glass bottles in an interview in July. Vaccine Development is in a race, with six new coronaviruses in Phase III clinical trials worldwide, three of which have been developed in China. Double the speed of scientific research, the industry is generally believed that the new crown vaccine is likely to be available early next year. If the vaccine is successful, will the production capacity of the vial be ready?
Borosilicate glass, usually any kind of medicine after a certain period of time, will interact with the packaging material, in order to reduce this interaction, to avoid drug efficacy problems or side effects, the vials were made not of normal glass, but of chemical property glass. The special glass has been used as pharmaceutical packaging for more than 100 years, with more than 135 million injections per day in borosilicate glass containers. Borosilicate glass is divided into low borosilicate glass, medium borosilicate glass and high borosilicate glass. Among them, medium borosilicate medicinal glass has been the gold standard in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, which has been approved by the regulatory authorities of China and other countries. This material avoids the effects of container-vaccine Interaction on vaccine effectiveness and therefore has the greatest potential as a packaging material for COVID-19 vaccines.