15 tips for smooth breathing of compound essential oil FROM MEIYUN


  1. I feel the dawn. During the period of seasonal respiratory discomfort, have a quiet sleep. During sleep, expand the fragrance and breathe smoothly, or put a ball bottle beside the bed. When necessary, roll and apply the compound essential oil to the chest, sole or upper lip.
  2. Feel clear mind and smooth breath. Add 1 drop of smooth breath compound and 1 drop of holly essential oil into the hot water, then place the towel on your head and take a deep breath, you will be surprised how effective it is!
  3. Work outdoors? High and low temperatures, body perspiration, dust and lungs Bad combination. When you are working outdoors, use the breathing compound to invigorate and smooth your breathing.
  4. It’s a perfect thing to walk in the fresh air just after the rain. But you can’t control the rain time, try to use the smooth breathing compound, hiking will be a good thing!
  5. In airplanes, buses and trains? Sometimes claustrophobia is caused by the lack of air flow in the restricted space. When you are in these spaces, release yourself mentally and emotionally by using the smooth breathing formula.
  6. Trapped in a desk, small office or small space? A simple and convenient way is to put a drop of breathing compound in the palm, rub the palm, and take a deep breath in the arched palm. A healthy way of breathing will improve your concentration, which can also make people around you feel relaxed.
  7. A good helper in the dormitory room. When you meet your roommate for the first time without knowing the space size or air condition of the university dormitory, you don’t know his eating preference and health habits. The respiratory compound is the best balancer and good friend.
  8. Not afraid of the taste of animals! Staying at someone’s home with the smell of their pets and pets will no longer be a problem. Before entering a house with a pet, it helps to apply the breathing compound to the chest and under the nose. It can also be used in a moldy campsite tent or RV.
  9. Promote brain function. The breathing compound containing Eucalyptus essential oil can stimulate the brain and refresh the mind. In the breath compound essential oil, contains the beneficial mint, lemon and tea tree essential oil, these are helpful in the cold.
  10. Mother’s brilliant plan. Drop a few drops of smooth breathing compound on children’s pillows, especially those children who need it but refuse to use it. Breathing compound essential oil will help them divert their attention and make them breathe smoothly. It also works for parents to relax.
  11. Tools to break habits. It’s very important to overcome bad habits. Sometimes the side effects of procrastination will affect breathing. Breathing compound essential oil will help you eliminate bad habits by promoting breathing and maintaining lung and throat health.
  12. At night, drop a drop of breathing compound into the positive pressure ventilator. Even if there is no positive pressure ventilator, put the breathing compound ball bottle beside you and rub it under the chest and nose of any snorer.
  13. The most popular way to warm your feet in winter. Heat the bag filled with rice or corn in the microwave oven, and put the bag on the feet inside the quilt. Add a few drops of breath compound to the bag to have an aromatic comfortable experience and smooth your respiratory tract.
  14. When there is no tool at hand. It’s the best way to expand fragrance, but when you don’t have an aroma sprayer, drop 1 drop of breath compound and frankincense oil in the palm of your hand and make a fist, then open a small hole and breathe in the small gap. It’s a surprisingly simple trick.
  15. Let’s face this situation. With the growth of age, the physical strength and enthusiasm of the elderly for new things are gradually disappearing, and the taste of nursing center or residence is not good. The fragrance expanding and breathing compound can change the whole environment and make the residents or visitors have pleasant experience.

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