Glue head dropper is often used with measuring cylinder.

If the dropper is equipped with a dropper, the dropper is for the purpose of the dropper and cannot absorb other liquids. Do not cross – use or rinse with water.

Plastic dropper is made of PE,pet and other materials, which is an indispensable experimental consumable for laboratory, food research, medicine and other industries. It has the advantages of low cost and simple use.

The specifications are 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1ml, 3ml, 5ml and 10ml. Method of use

  1. When using the plastic dropper, pinch the top tightly with your finger to drive out the air in the dropper. Then put the dropper into the reagent bottle, let go of your finger, and the reagent will be inhaled.
  2. After taking the solution, the dropper should be kept at the top of the big belly, and should not be placed flat or upside down to prevent solution backflow.
  3. When dropping liquid, it should be suspended above the beaker and not touch the wall of the beaker to avoid contamination of the dropper or reagent.
  4. Do not put the dropper on the test bench or other places to avoid contamination of the dropper.
  5. Rinse the used dropper with clean water immediately for reuse.
  6. Do not use an uncleaned dropper to draw other reagent (do not rinse the dropper on the drop bottle with water).
  7. Most of the plastic droppers are disposable. If there is biological risk in the liquid absorbed, the plastic dropper should be thrown into the yellow garbage bag to prevent laboratory pollution.