Cosmetic packaging materials-Plastic bottles


Cosmetic packaging

Mold development cost: bottle blowing mold is 1500 yuan-4000 yuan, injection mold is 8000 yuan-20000 yuan, stainless steel material for mold is more expensive than alloy material, but durable, A few molds are produced at a time, depending on the demand of production volume. If the production volume is large, you can choose a mold of four or six at a time, and the customer can decide by himself.
The order quantity is generally 3 thousand to 10,000, which can be customized. It is usually used as primary color frosted and magnetic white, or add pearl powder effect. Although the bottle and lid are equipped with the same color masterbatch, but sometimes due to the different materials used for bottles and caps, there are some differences in color.
Technology :

Silk screen printing has common ink and UV ink, and UV ink has good effect, luster and stereoscopic impression. In production, the color should be printed and confirmed first, and the silk screen printing effect will be different in different materials.
The processing technology of gilding and silver stamping is gold powder different from that of printing. The effect of silver powder is different. Hard material and smooth surface are more suitable for gilding and silver stamping. Soft surface stamping effect is not good, easy to fall off, the gloss of hot gold and silver is better than that of gold and silver.