Eyeliner Tubes



The emulsion eyeliner has strong expressiveness, it is not easy to fall off after coloring, and the lines are smoother. However, because the thickness of the nib is limited, the thickness of the line drawn is not easy to change, so when using this type of eyeliner, a set of replaceable nibs should be prepared, so that you can draw detailed and smooth lines, but also draw more Thick soft lines.

Since the lines drawn by this eyeliner are sufficiently colored, you can also use your fingers to lightly faint the drawn lines to make eye shadows. This is quick and harmonious and natural. Pencil-shaped eyeliner is very convenient to use and carry, and the price is low, and it is a carry-on item for ordinary working women. But its expressive power is weak, and it is easier to fall off after coloring, so it is suitable for short-term use of makeup. In work and daily life, it is one of your tools to touch up makeup at any time. Because this type of eyeliner is lightly colored and soft, and can be drawn repeatedly, it is very suitable for beginners to draw eyeliner. You will not ruin the well-drawn makeup because of a mistake. This eyeliner gives you the opportunity to correct the mistake. The line drawn by this eyeliner can be thick or thin, and the coloring can be thick or light. It is also the most ideal choice for girls who like light makeup. If you want a thicker eyeliner, just paint it a few times.

According to our oriental skin and eye color, dark gray and dark brown eyeliner are the best choices. If your face is darker or yellowish, you should choose a dark gray eyeliner to make your eyes more prominent; if your face is healthy pink or white, choose a dark brown eyeliner to make your The eyes looked bright and charming.