The purpose of Mascara is to make eyelashes look thicker, longer, more curly, thus achieving the purpose of magnifying the eyes.

The original Mascara was not in one piece, as Mascara is today, but in a small box with a pattern similar to that of the current concealer, a brush on one side and a Mascara on the other And this brush looks like a toothbrush. And now Mascara is more use of spiral brush, with the paste body can be combined together, the use of more convenient.

The ingredients in the original Mascara were simple: vaseline and toner, which made the eyes look bigger and more attractive when applied to the lashes, whereas today’s Mascara seeks for more effect In addition to making your eyes look more attractive, it’s also waterproof. Eye Makeup is easy to faint, whether it is eyeliner or Mascara, are likely to faint into the panda eye, so the eye makeup product description will emphasize not faint, there are also some waterproof ingredients.

So when removing makeup, you need to be more careful, you can use eye makeup remover products for wet compress, time does not need to be too long, one or two minutes is enough, and then gently rub eyelashes, Mascara to remove And then just rinse it off with water.

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