Note on the silk screen of cosmetic packaging materials


  1. Introduction:

Silk screen is generally used as the processing process of graphic identification for packaging products, which has an important influence on the product image, so the technical requirements are relatively high.

  1. Glass bottle screen printing:

For screen printing on blank transparent or frosted or sprayed bottles, high temperature inks should be used. After coloring, they will be baked at high temperature. They will not fade and are not easy to scratch. The color is heavy, so choose high temperature. Furnace manufacturers carry out silk screen printing, and the print volume is generally more than 5,000, less than 5,000 are charged at 500 yuan/style/color, and more than 5,000 are calculated at 0.1 yuan/color.

  1. Design:

In the design, no more than 2 colors should be considered. Negative films should be produced when the film is produced. The characters, patterns and lines should not be too thin or too large, which may cause broken lines or ink accumulation. Proof should be confirmed before mass production. There is a color difference.

     4. Printing quantity:

Plastic (structure: synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, colorant) containers, divided into ordinary ink and UV ink screen printing, UV ink is more widely used, the characters and pictures have a three-dimensional effect, are more shiny, and are not easy to fade. Multi-color effects can be printed, and the printing quantity is generally more than 1000.