Usage Instruction of Makeup Egg


Makeup Egg

Make-up egg is one of the essential female makeup, its role is very powerful, although it can not eat, but it can let us become beautiful.

Fundation:1. Soak the egg in mineral water, or tap water, and then squeeze the excess water.

  1. Apply Foundation liquid to the forehead, nose, Chin, and cheeks. Then apply a moist egg, the foundation will wipe open, the technique is from the inside out gently wipe open, mainly by pressing method.

To apply blush to your makeup, first dip your egg in a little blush and then gently pat it against the apple or cheek bones in an oblique upward sweep.

Cover your eggs with concealer. First apply the concealer where it is needed. Then, using the tip of the egg, gently pat the concealer apart. This way, the concealer will look very natural and light.

Makeup eggs remove makeup, some parts of the makeup is difficult to remove, this time with makeup eggs dipped in a little makeup products, and then remove more difficult to remove makeup, this method will be easier to use. When you use the cosmetic eggs, the cosmetic eggs should be used separately from the skincare ones.