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Introduction of silk screen printing technology

Introduction: when the packaging products are formed and surface treated, graphic printing is required, so that the enterprise product information and brand information are conveyed through graphic printing. There are many kinds of common graphic printing. Here we mainly introduce several common processes in cosmetic packaging industry, such as silk screen printing, pad printing, thermal transfer printing, hot stamping, water transfer printing and other processes. In this article, we will briefly describe the processing process of silk screen printing, which is only for you to purchase newcomers to do a basic understanding:
Silk screen printing refers to the extrusion of the scraper so that the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the graphic part to form the same graphic as the original. Screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, simple to print and plate making, low in cost and strong in adaptability.

1.Process characteristics
Process cost: mold cost (low), single piece cost (low, depending on the number of colors)
Typical products: for clothing, electronic products and packaging, etc.
Suitable for production: single to large quantities
Quality: pattern detail quality accuracy is extremely high
Speed: manual silk screen (1-5 cycles/min), Machine silk screen (1-30 cycles/min)

2.process cost
The cost of the mold is low, but it still depends on the number of colors, because each color has to be made separately.
Time Cost: Machining screen printing up to 30 per minute, manual screen printing up to 1-5 per minute
Labor cost: in manual silk screen printing, labor cost is high, especially when it comes to colorful printing edition
Due to the different photosensitive materials used in screen making, the production process is also different, but no matter which process is adopted, the following steps are indispensable in the production process: screen and frame selection, net pulling,, mesh, coated photosensitive material, exposure, development, drying.

4.screen printing ink
Silk screen printing ink refers to all inks when screen printing is used, which is called silk screen printing ink. Although silk screen printing ink belongs to one kind of printing ink, there are many ways to distinguish silk screen printing ink.

5.Cosmetics screen printing
Screen printing belongs to hole printing, which is called the four printing methods together with flat printing, convex printing and gravure printing. It is also widely used in the field of cosmetic packaging materials. It can be applied to different materials such as pump heads, bottle caps, glass bottles, plastic bottles, cartons, etc. The screen printing equipment is simple and easy to operate, printing and plate making are simple, low cost and strong adaptability.Introduction of silk screen printing technology