Makeup tips


Makeup tips:
1, the foundation close to the skin
The foundation that is close to the skin can make the perfect makeup more perfect. The method is very simple. Just put the slightly wet makeup sponge in the refrigerator. After a few minutes, slap the cold sponge on the foundation skin. I feel that the skin is extraordinarily refreshing and the makeup is particularly refreshing.
2, cool eye drops
Drinking or lack of sleep can make your eyes look very tired and bloodshot. You can drop one or two drops of eye drops that have the effect of relieving fatigue, so that the symptoms of congestion and rupture of the eye capillaries are relieved, but the eye drops are not as good as possible, and too many may have adverse effects.
3, eyebrow powder for tube
If you always feel that the hand holding the eyebrow pencil does not listen, you can’t draw a satisfactory eyebrow. Let’s make a new attempt: use the eyebrow pencil to paint the color on the arm, use the eyebrow to bounce the color, and evenly sweep it over the eyebrows. You will be pleasantly surprised to get a more natural and soft makeup effect.

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4, cold towel
Red and swollen eyes, bulging eye bags make you look listless, don’t panic, apply cold towel and hot towel alternately on your eyes for more than 10 minutes, then apply it with an ice towel for a while, the tired eyes will return to the look.
5, the table is placed on a small mirror
Drawing a detailed eyeliner may be a big problem for you. It is not difficult. You have to put your elbows in a fixed place, such as your dressing table. Place a small mirror on the table and let your eyes look down. Looking at the mirror, you can feel the eyeliner with confidence.
6, white eyeliner
The eyes are the window of the soul, and the large and bright eyes are often impressive. You can try to draw the lower eyeliner with a white eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger and bigger.
7, spray moisturizing water
After the makeup is finished, apply moisturizing water to the face from the distance from the arm of the face, and the makeup can last longer.
Note: 1. The makeup tools must be kept clean. The mild shampoo can be used to clean the makeup brush. A small amount of conditioner can make the brush soft at the same time. Dilute the detergent with warm water to clean the old eyebrow brush. It is the best way to make the eyebrow brush quickly return to its original appearance.
2, wearing glasses will affect your makeup effect, if you wear myopia glasses, the lens will enlarge the eyes and make-up, this time you are suitable for the choice of hoarse eye color; wearing telescopic glasses will make the eyes look small, suitable First and bright colors, in addition, the layered eye shadow and neat eyebrows can effectively modify the face.
Step-by-step illustration of makeup:
You must clean your face before applying makeup, then apply skin care products. If it is during the day, then apply sunscreen. However, the beauty should pay attention to, the skin care products should not be too greasy, otherwise it will affect the suitability and durability of the foundation.

1, foundation
The weather in the south is hot and humid. If there is no special need, it is the best choice with liquid foundation. No matter what kind of brand foundation, remember to try it out, and rub it on your face, then go out and see if there is any color difference. If it is the same as your original skin color, it is the right color. After that, look at the foundation’s suitability and hiding power, and finally choose the one that suits you best.
Before going to the foundation, remember to shake it first to avoid the problem of oil and water separation or sedimentation. You can squeeze the liquid foundation on your hands first, then apply the liquid foundation to your face with your fingers for five points, then use the middle finger and ring finger of both hands. Push the foundation on the face evenly. You can also use a sponge. After pushing it evenly, apply a layer of liquid foundation. This will make the durability and hiding power better. Pay special attention to whether the eyes, nose and hair are pushed evenly. If the face is noticeably uneven in skin tone, such as dark circles, acne, and freckles, cover with a cream.
2, honey powder
Use a puff to gently touch the powder, first gently spread it on the hand, or use a puff to mix it with each other, and then press it gently from the cheeks to the forehead, and actually press the powder on the foundation. Just fine.

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3, eye shadow
If it is a general powdery eye shadow (cake), first apply a small amount of eye shadow with an eye shadow brush, draw it on the eye socket, and then apply an eye shadow layer by layer to make a gradient. If it is a liquid or creamy eye shadow, first place the eye shadow in the middle of the eye fold by hand, then push the eye shadow paste radially and push it evenly. Due to the eyes of the Orientals, most of them are more puffy. It is recommended to use less light eye shadow. If you want to use it, try to draw on the eye folds, then use dark skin or light brown eye shadow to draw the eye socket. If there is no edema problem, there is no such limit.
4, eyeliner
Generally, the black eyeliner is mainly used. When painting, the eyelids should be lifted up from the eye to the end of the eye, from fine to thick, and then slightly raised when painting to the end of the eye (the person with the phoenix eye can draw flat). It can make your eyes more spiritual. It should be noted that the closer the eyeliner is drawn to the eyelashes, the more natural it is. If the eyes are not uniform in size, the thickness of the eyeliner can be adjusted.

5, eyebrows
If the eyebrows are painted well, the makeup will be half successful, because the eyebrows on the face are the first impressions of others, so it is important to draw eyebrows. However, many people are more or less helpless in painting eyebrows. They don’t know how to paint their eyebrows, or they don’t know how to paint eyebrows.
There is a way to make the eyebrows on both sides very neat and symmetrical. Usually the curvature of the eyebrows is slightly higher than the curvature of the upper eyelids. The brow is from the inner side of the corner of the eye to the outer side of the corner of the eye until the temple. The way to measure is to use The pen pulls the line from the lower end of the nostril to the outside of the corner of the eye. Do not overtake the line when painting the eye shadow, unless there is a special make-up method.
The natural eyebrow shape is lighter and thicker at the eyebrow, and the closer to the eyebrow, the thinner and thicker it is. Many people will have extra hair under the eyebrows and eyebrows. At this time, they should be carefully removed with small scissors or eyebrows. If the distance between the eyes is relatively close, repair some eyebrows near the eyebrows. Let the distance between the eyes be so close; the same technique can make the eyes of the eyes too open, use the eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to close the eyebrows closer to the eyebrows. When you select the eyebrow color, it is the same as the hair color.

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6, eyelashes
Oriental eyelashes are not as thick and curly as Westerners, so borrow eyelash curlers, split your eyelashes into two or three segments, and then apply mascara. When placing the mascara, put the brush into the bottom of the container and turn it slightly (do not twitch up and down to prevent the mascara from drying out). Then, remove the excess mascara from the top and then look down. The mascara brush is horizontally applied in a zigzag shape from top to bottom, from bottom to top, and the mascara is evenly coated from the root to the tail. If it is thicker, it can be dried up and then on again; The method is to take the mascara vertically, move it left and right, and apply the mascara to the lower eyelashes. If there is agglomeration, comb it with the eyelash comb.

7, blush
Blush is used to sharpen or emphasize the cheekbones, as well as to modify the complexion. The correct painting can make the face ruddy and healthy. The blushing method, in the case of powdery blush, is brushed from the humerus around the ear at an angle of about 45 degrees, and the range is approximately the straight line around the eyeball and the straight line at the bottom of the nose. The amount of blush is less, and it is not easy to fail after brushing a few times. If there is too much blush, you can use honey powder to reconcile. There are also creamy and liquid blush, which can be placed on the face with your fingers, and then pushed by hand or sponge. The focus is on the powder before the foundation, although it is not easy to remove makeup, but the difficulty is higher.
8, lipstick
Lipstick is an important part of makeup, but it is not easy to draw a perfect lip and lip color. When you apply the foundation, you must cover the lip line with a small amount of foundation before you can draw a clearer lip shape. After selecting the color, apply the lip brush to the lipstick (thicker), draw the lip line from the lip peak to flatten the lip, and then fill the lip or use the lip. Line pen, draw the lip line, and then apply it with lipstick, but I don’t recommend this way, because when the lipstick falls, it will leave a circle of unsightly lip lines.