Essential oil bottle use for essential oil and essence



To avoid chemical reactions between containers and essential oils, it is usually necessary to use materials with high stability. Glass bottles are a better choice.

There are two types of essential oil bottles, one is equipped with dropper, the other is equipped with inner plug and screw cap
Dropper type essential oil bottle, the color we produce normally, transparent, green, blue, brown glass, with different styles of dropper, such as gold and silver dropper cap, black electroplated lid,plastic dropper and so on.
We mainly product the different capacities to meet the different require of customers.Such as :5ml 10ml 15ml 20ml 30ml 50ml 80ml 100ml.

Another style essential oil bottle,which is with inner plug and screw cap.

We usually have three kinds of inner plug: one-piece inner plug, empty inner plug and non-hole inner plug.

The screw cap, we have plastic and aluminum two material.

The capacity of this essential oil bottle is relatively small, usually 1ml 2ml 3ml 5ml.Mainly used for sub-packaging essential oil, emulsion, etc.
In order to product more beautiful glass essential oil and meet the needs of consumers. We can add crafts to glass bottles: Frosted, high and low temperature various colors of silk print, gilded gold and silver, various colors of spraying, electroplating, roasted flowers, etc.