The difference between new material and recycled (PCR)material



The new material is the raw material extracted from the oil by the petrochemical company. And the recycled material is the product has been processed into a product after recovery and in the process of processing products produced by the recovery of substandard products were crushed, granulated. It’s easy to tell apart before it’s made into a product (like a plastic bag) . As long as to see whether the particles with color, the new material is milky white transparent, free of impurities. Return generally with color, even without color, the two particle shape is not the same, new material appearance is more smooth, renewable material after granulation is generally cylindrical, both ends have obvious cut marks.

The difference between the new material and the returned material is as follows:

  1. The returned material is unstable, and the returned material is not the same;
  2. The mechanical properties of the returned material are worse than the new material;

3. the new material made of the finished product color is generally bright, bright high, gloss is good, and the old material surface gloss is poor, the new material color is bright, no black spots, the color made by the return material is a little dead, and a peculiar smell.