Plastic packaging and carton packaging



Carton packaging and plastic packaging play an indispensable role in modern packaging industry. Compared with plastic packaging, carton packaging has relatively high cost, but its recyclability causes less pollution to the environment. Plastic has existed for many years and is closely related to people’s life. It is an important building material and also provides great convenience for people’s life, but it pollutes the environment greatly. In recent years, carton packaging has gradually become popular. Simple packaging, personalized patterns and little pollution to the environment have all been welcomed by people.
In foreign countries, plastic packaging bags have basically been withdrawn from supermarkets, and paper box packaging that can be recycled is usually selected, because paper box packaging can be recycled and reused, which can reduce the damage to the environment, the cost of environmental pollution in developed countries is very high.

carton packaging:

Therefore, although the cost is relatively high, paper box packaging is usually selected. The biggest disadvantage of paper box packaging is poor water resistance. These are exactly the advantages of plastic packaging, so if you want to make paper box packaging have a broader market, you must find ways to overcome the disadvantages in this aspect. The biggest advantage of paper box is environmental protection, which can be recycled. If plastic wants to be recycled, it must be dissolved, processed twice or even three times, and the released smell will pollute the environment.