Beauty eggs how to wash


Makeup Egg

Since the function of the cosmetic eggs is very powerful, it is recommended that youwash them once or twice a week, and there are special cosmetic egg cleaning products, of                              course, you can also use facial cleanser or soap to clean it, cosmetic eggs can not be forced to twist.

  1. beauty eggs in general two or three days to thoroughly wash once, because every day to use beauty eggs, beauty eggs will leave a lot of makeup residue, over time will deteriorate long hair, continue to use will hurt the skin, so wash and replace it frequently.
  2. If you use the egg every day, wash it thoroughly every two or three times, that is, every two or three days, and keep several eggs in reserve. Don’t use the same egg too often.
  3. cleaning the eggs is very simple, the eggs will be completely wet, every time you press the eggs will squeeze out a large amount of water represents completely wet, a little bit of water out, with a professional cleaning soap or cleanser, makeup removal products for cleaning, repeatedly squeeze the eggs, so that the eggs inside the dirty things are washed out of the water, and finally rinse with water can be.