Years of Beauty – Natural Pink Jade Roller for Beauty


Natural Pink Jade Roller

Product introduction

Pink crystal jade is a natural gem stone, without any processing optimization treatment, more or less there will be some natural flaws, very normal, metal material is alloy, usually do not encounter water, skin care products, perfume and other chemicals. Usually after use to seal preservation.

Pink crystal jade, also known as hibiscus stone, is loved by people because of its color, and it is made into a variety of jewelry and ornaments. hibiscus stone massage stick can promote blood circulation, often massage the face, can reduce fine lines, crow’s feet, make the skin white through red, looks young and beautiful!


Method of use

The general use of roller jade, mainly for: suitable for round face, double chin, facial edema, thick neck.Especially suitable for facial “fat” type and facial edema type of people can promote the use of metabolism, improve facial edema, contraction underdeveloped expression muscle (facial sagging reason).

This beauty massage device is made of natural jade combined with traditional craft. It is elegant and elegant in shape. Using the principle of light pressure and rolling massage, it can promote the blood circulation and metabolism on the skin surface.

After thousands of years of crust weathering, our stone materials, especially semi-precious stones, are transported to our factory from all over the world. Then, according to the requirements of each customer and each order, our professional team will reasonably select, cut, shape, polish, engrave or engrave into finished products.


Matters needing attention

◎ Place the facial elastic massage wheel on both sides of the face, and massage both cheeks comfortably with one hand

◎ Gently hold the handle, roll the wheel from chin to cheek direction, press and push up a little hard, so that it has a squeezing feeling

◎ Grasp the handle slightly when pulling up, gently gripping the handle from the lower jaw to the cheek!

◎ It is advisable to massage once for about 10 minutes

◎ Please operate under the condition of clean skin after cleansing

◎ Massage your neck while massaging your face

◎ Can effectively promote blood flow (blood flow), play a role in massaging lymph

◎ Can play a role in promoting metabolism, improving facial edema, contraction of underdeveloped facial expression muscle (the reason for facial sagging)



We firmly believe that these natural stone is the gift of the earth mother, every stone, every each bring their own sensitivity and exclusive energy, so we can carry, also can put in the home or office, because they can bring us energy, let us more passionate vitality, more active and confident mentality more gentle, good physical and mental health.