Water transfer printing technology


water transfer printing technology


Using computer graphics and computer vision technology, the three-dimensional design drawing is “reduced” into two-dimensional “expanded drawing” through specially developed software, and the physical modeling of the deformation of the water transfer film during the process of water transfer printing is carried out for the first time, then the mapping relationship between the three-dimensional design drawing and each point on the film is obtained. Then use the ordinary ink jet printer to print the two-dimensional expansion picture onto the water transfer film, then lay the film on the water surface, and let the film wrap the 3D model in the water and color it.


Low cost

Fast speed

Low precision


Removing traditional surface coloring can only be used for objects without requirements for accuracy, such as camouflage, marble and other textures. Compared with computer graphics and computer vision technology, this technology enables water transfer printing to “aim” and put on colorful “coats” with arbitrary design for three-dimensional objects “.

Applicable material range

Metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, rubber, etc.

Manufacturing method

  1. Image scanning input computer;
  2. Print output;
  3. Water treatment transfer;
  4. Polish;
  5. Blow dry or dry naturally.