Some tips on make-up packaging


make up packaging

How do I pack the cosmetics?

The vacuum bottle without pipette has a movable tray inside, which rises continuously until it reaches the top of the inside of the bottle. Open the pressure head, push the tray to the lower part, and then rinse it repeatedly. The pressure head should also be pressed with clean water repeatedly until it is clean.Wipe off moisture can be infused into skin care products, if discontent does not matter, buckle on the pressure head constant pressure, the bottom will also rise, until the pressure out of skin care products can be used normally.

How to pack the cosmetics consignment on the plane?

Procedure: Pack your bags.When you check your luggage, you separate the person from the luggage, and you have bumps.So when you check in your luggage on an airplane, make sure your luggage is firmly packed.The lock of the tie rod box should be locked, and those with a combination lock should be protected by a combination lock.For zipper packages, zip them to the end.If the bag cannot be securely locked, it can be packed professionally at the airport.Facial cleanser, toner, sunscreen, antisweat, eye cream, as long as each piece is no more than 100ML can be put in a transparent bag to carry on the plane.If there are more, you need to consign. The consignment of 20KG is free.Passengers should bring a small amount of cosmetics for personal use. Each cosmetic should be limited to one piece. The container volume should not exceed 100 ml and should be placed in a separate bag for inspection.

How do I divide my toiletries on an airplane?

If the flight time is less than 8 hours, it is not recommended to carry these things with you. It is best to go and check them. Want to carry a small bag but can’t hold cosmetics have what solution? Cut down on your makeup, or if you’re traveling, bring a travel pack, or pack your own small separate bottles. If you’re a makeup person with a make-up fix, just wear a cushion of air and lipstick and leave it down. Or you can change the bag.

Products that are not suitable for repackaging

Some products are not suitable for packaging, such as some vacuum pump products, some products that need to be used immediately after activation, and some products that will oxidize after exposure to the air for a long time.Additional, perfume also suits sub-pack not quite, big container gush in small container, the loss of fragrance has how old did not say.Nevertheless, there is also a professional perfume on the market to draw a tool, it is a good choice.


If you dig a small pot out of a big pot to take away, you can keep the big pot as it is and leave it alone.You can also use plastic wrap to seal the mouth of the bottle, cover the lid and put it in the refrigerator freezer.Be careful, however, that once the product has been stored in the freezer, you don’t want to go back and forth between room temperature and cold storage, which can easily break down.Just put it there, dig out a part of it every time you take it, and put the rest back.